Vacuum excavation

The Perks of Non-Destructive Digging For Your Project

Everyone is annoyed at a jackhammer. It is noisy and sends debris flying off everywhere. The worst-case scenario is it can even damage important stuff that lies beneath the surface. It can impale internet cables, sewer pipes, power wires, etc. It is highly destructive and disruptive to the community, so it is your best bet to look for alternatives when you have a project.

Vacuum excavation, also known as non-destructive digging, is the most effective and safe method to dig underground. It utilizes unique excavation techniques like air suction and high pressured water jets to help you get your job done. These are the perks of using this digging methodology:

Proffers Safety

When it comes to excavation projects, this is the safest method ever. Usually, an underground worksite is loaded with cables, pipes, and lines which are not always mapped. With traditional digging, you can sever these important elements, which will cost delays. Visit ADP Group Ltd to know more.

At times, it can even release harmful contaminants like gas and septic waste. With vacuum excavation, your operators, the community, and the property itself are kept safe. When you invest in this option, you minimize potential risks.

Accords Cost-Efficiency

Suppose you want cost savings, non-destructive digging reigns supreme. Because of less possible damage and higher worker safety level, you minimize potential liabilities. When you damage underground utilities with your excavator, you have to pause your project.

Delays lead to expenses because time equates to money. And you also have to cover the repairs, which increase labour fees and materials costs. Hence, vacuum excavation is the most cost-efficient method because you only need a sucker truck guided by an operator to handle the project. Just imagine those savings!

Offers an Eco-Friendly Solution

The most eco-friendly solution in terms of excavation is this non-destructive or vacuum method. With this, you’ve got a powerful suction and truck waiting on standby to suck up all the debris. As such, you can conduct precise excavations with a swift clean up. With a clean job site, you can restore the place to its original form faster. Local communities will love you for being considerate.

Prevents Potential Damage

It indeed lives up to its name by being non-destructive and preventing damage. It must be reiterated that mechanical digging is more prone to accidents. Apart from damaging buried materials, the flying debris can injure workers and mutilate above ground property.

Because vacuum excavation uses a small opening to extract the soil and dirt, you can minimize any potential damage. Underground utilities remain free from damage, just as people remain safe, too.

Works Faster Than The Traditional Method

Hand digging to uncover underground utilities is too laborious and time-consuming. Underground easements and networks are just too congested. As such, identifying a location before traditional excavation can commence will take loads of time. In contrast, the non-destructive excavation method allows for safe and swift exposure to your project site.

At the same time, you can even make an accurate map of buried utilities as you do your project. With this as your method, you can boost efficiency. With higher performance, you also have better productivity. Non-destructive or vacuum excavations ensure you hit your targets on time or may even faster than your proposal.

Final Wrap Up

As you can see, this alternative and newer method of excavation offer you so many more benefits than traditional digging. Now, the only thing you have to worry about is working with a reputable firm with the right tools, skills, and expertise to help you out.