Splatoon 3
Splatoon 3

The Splatoon 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Updates

When it comes to gaming, one of the most adored games in the Splatoon series, it has global reviews for being among the best games. Splatoon 2 was fun with the attraction of very many viewers. Splatoon 3 is expected to make it to the highest level.

Nintendo has gained fame for giving adequate time in making the game one of the best admired and the remarkable in history. Among the thing, they have achieved doing 24 weeks of updates and offering free content.

Most impressive is the appreciation of the content with over 27 splatfest that the Ninja turtles have always gone through. The movie compares with Mario Tenns, Mario Kart, and the Wild Link. The developments of the seasons have, therefore, been fantastic and very engaging.

Splatoon Battle Scene
Splatoon Battle Scene

Unfortunately, Splatoon 3 has had rumors such as Nintendo using an image submission to show the coming of season 3. It has created a misunderstanding. It happened after Instagram released a brand new image representing Marina, who is one of the Splatoon characters.

The image has been the base of many rumors about the release of season 3 of Splatoon. What belied this rumor was the image that was also printed by the official Nintendo.

Release date of Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is still away from getting its release. Considering that the makers do everything to completion, it may take some time before the final touches are done and the play is ready. A life span of 7 years is what it takes to have the movie ready.

However, the release of Splatoon 3 is expected to take place very soon. Before the end of Switch’s life, the discharge may have been done—the possibilities of having Splatoon 3 as soon as 2021 are very high. Splatoon 2 WAS launched after two years of enjoying Splatoon 1. The untimely death of Wii U’S geared it 

Splatoon 3 plot

Splatoon 3 will be a continuation of season one and two. It will also be taking the story up from the second season of the legacy series.  The single-player work may be more emphasized to make the play more enjoyable.

There is an expectation that the colors will be boosted, and more players may be added. The game will be more compelling and more active. A criticism that existed in Splatoon 2 was the fewer options available. An improvement is therefore expected in the upcoming game.

More advancement in terms of gadgets to use is also expected. There were challenges in voice controls whereby a mobile app had to coordinate the gaming. We, therefore, expect a new storyline with a playable and straightforward mode.

Several advancements in the mode of playing will also make part of the significant improvements. The solo and multiplayer modes are what will make the game more enhanced. Splatoon 3 will therefore be better than the two previous plays.

Splatoon 3 will be played from a single device instead of the preceding game, where more than two devices were employed in making the game playable. This time everyone will use a single device to achieve the objective of his gaming.

The cast of Splatoon 3

Observing what happened in the first two games, we can easily conclude that the several Amiibo packs will feature on Splatoon 3. The original play had its focus on the Inkings. The second game pack also centered on the pop duo, marina and Pearl.

Splatoon 3 Cast
Splatoon 3 Cast

Due to the improvements in the game plot, there shall be additional characters that shall create the amiibos. Several improvements in how the game shall be played also feature and have the critical role of making the gaming better.


We may say it is too soon to have a trailer of the game. However, there are chances that there may be a trailer before the year 2020 ends. Currently, Coronavirus’s effect cannot be ignored; hence, there are high possibilities that before the year 2021 are elevated to the extent that they are indisputable.

Splatoon 3 updates

Unfortunately, there have not been any updates regarding the status of Splatoon 3. However, we have an easy time making predictions using the events that happened in the first and the second sequels. The release date, the game plot, and the cast have so far not been released. 

However, we are tuned for any updates that come along. Therefore, it would help if you stayed tuned to us as we wait to have any update coming, especially about the release.


Gaming has off late gained a lot of game. However, to have significant results and entertainment, there is needed to keep improving. Splatoon 3 comes with various improvements that are key to making the game compelling. 

The game also undergoes frequent updates that help in making gaming better. Splatoon 3 will be better than the previous games that had slight challenges. The improvements in the upcoming game will make it the best and outstanding among the sequels.