This Diwali, Dive into Festive Treats You Can’t Resist

From elegant Kaju Katli to mighty motichoor laddoo and spiced nuts, Quicklly has a lot to make your Diwali brighter and tastier.

Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights, holds immense significance and is deeply cherished in India. It stands as a symbol of the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

It’s that magical time of the year when calories are politely asked to take a vacation because no one can resist the allure of festive sweets and savories.

Sweets That Sparkle by Quicklly

Quicklly, the nation’s largest marketplace for Indian food and groceries helps you celebrate a homestyle Diwali with its line of authentic Indian sweets and Diwali Puja offerings.

If you’re seeking traditional Diwali gifts for your loved ones, here’s plenty to choose from. From gold-toned Diwali-themed Laumiere’s sweet boxes to The Baklava Box premium gift boxes, Quicklly has it all!

The sweets, especially Kaju Katli, Gulab Jamun, and Jalebi, are like the three musketeers of Diwali. They stand together, making our taste buds dance and our diets crumble.

Quicklly’s robust line of authentic Indian sweets online by Almond House, The Baklava Box, Madhu Chocolates, and more (some are shipped directly from India and delivered to your doors) makes your Diwali celebrations sweeter and happier!

Almond House

At Almond House, they work diligently each day to ensure that their sweets and snacks evoke the familiar sense of celebrations and traditions. All their sweets are directly packed and shipped from India to your doors.

They offer a wide selection of Indian sweets that endear themselves to customers almost effortlessly. At Almond House, their mithais draw inspiration from many cherished memories. From the ever-popular and mighty Motichoor to the delightful Kaju Katli, and the beloved Badam Halwa, they present a range of sweets to bring the warmth of home even closer to you.

The Baklava Box

The Baklava Box premium Indian sweets offer a taste of love, the comfort of home, and a strong connection to one’s roots, evoking the nostalgia of sweet – homemade laddoos enjoyed during childhood.

Their Baklava, a delectable sweet pastry originating from the Middle East but enjoyed in various forms worldwide, is a tempting indulgence. The golden and crisp Baklava pastry is soaked in a sweet syrup, allowing its layers to absorb rich flavors, resulting in a delightful, calorie-tempting, nutty dessert. Have you ever tried Baklavas? Be prepared, as you will not stop at one!

Madhu Chocolates

Here’s a chocolaty surprise! Quicklly has partnered with Madhu Chocolates, known for its premium line of chocolate bars, chocolate spreads, and masala chai inspired by traditional Indian flavors.

Their gourmet offerings include:

  • Masala Chai with Parle G Crumbles Bar: A 60% Masala Chai Chocolate Bar with a delightful buttery crunch and unmistakable Parle-G Biscuit flavor.
  • Coconut Milk Cashew Bar: A vegan milk chocolate bar inspired by Kheer, combining coconut milk sweetness, whole cashews, and a crunchy layer of toasted cashews.
  • Cardamom Bar: Dark chocolate meets the sweet, floral aroma of cardamom, with a subtle citrus hint.
  • Orange Clove – 65% Cacao: Crafted from 65% chocolate, hand-ground whole cloves, and a touch of orange oil for a nostalgic blend of oranges and cloves.

Laumiere Sweets

Consider it a big win if you plan Laumiere’s premium artisanal sweets as your dessert. Made using 100% natural ingredients like dates, berries, nuts, and more, these gourmet sweets offer a sense-delighting taste and make an absolute choice for picky eaters.

The premium sweets come in gold-toned shiny boxes, making an absolute choice for Easter gift-giving success.

Sweedesi Sweets

The taste from that Halwai shop close to our home is one thing we’d want to relish every day. Moving to different locations, we may get to savor the same sweet or savory, but will the taste be as special as that of our much-loved Halwai? Ummm, doubtful!

Sweedesi offers a delightful selection of authentic Indian sweets sourced directly from the best regional vendors who have been known for generations for their amazing delicacies. So if it is Sondesh, it will directly come from Kolkata, Ghewar from Jaipur, Mathura Peda from Brij Bhoomi, Mathura – ALL FRESHLY PREPARED!

Shaheen Sweets

They offer a delightful range of sweets from India, Pakistan, and Bengal that embrace the essence of South Asian cooking traditions. From the rich flavors of Gulab Jamun and Rasgulla to the intricate sweetness of Barfi and Sandesh, their sweets take you through the diverse and delightful world of South Asian treats.

Each sweet is carefully made to provide an authentic and unforgettable taste that pays tribute to the cultural heritage of India, Pakistan, and Bengal.

Laughter, Love, and Laddoos

Diwali isn’t just about the treats; it’s about laughter and love. It’s the time when families come together to celebrate and create beautiful memories. And those memories often involve a bit of friendly banter about who can eat the most laddoos or sneak an extra piece of Kaju Katli without getting caught.