External and Internal Doors

Tips in Replacing External and Internal Doors of Your Home

Sydney has always been included among the top livable cities in the world. Because of this distinction, Sydney experiences an influx of people wanting to live within the city. People who move to Sydney to live permanently will buy homes that are either brand new or pre-owned. People who purchase old houses will want to make renovations to the house to make it more personalised to their tastes.

One way of significantly changing the appearance of a home is to change all the indoor and exterior doors. However, if you need to replace the doors of your home, you need to be careful in doing so. In comparison, some doors can easily be replaced with other doors. There are situations when changing an entryway of the home will require the help of a structural engineer in Sydney.

Structural engineers are licensed professionals that will oversee any renovation done to the home that may affect the structural integrity of the entire structure. Replacing a door may be simple enough if you are replacing the door without having to make alterations to its door jamb.

However, when you are replacing an entryway by making it larger, then you will need the approval of a structural engineer in Sydney for whatever plans or design you may have. Your existing door may be part of integral support or part of a load-bearing wall that making adjustments to it may cause the wall to collapse.

Replacing External and Internal Doors

Once you have an approval from a structural engineer for your minor home renovation, here are some of the doors that you might consider getting:

Exterior doors.

Exterior doors are the main access points to your home. Since they are exposed to the outside environment, they must be sturdy enough to take the battering from inclement weather. External doors must also provide you with enough security from would-be intruders to your home. External doors come in three types, namely:

Wooden Doors.

Wooden doors look great for homes because they provide a classy and warm look. If installed and sealed correctly, wood doors are great providers of security. However, a lot of maintenance and care must be given to wood doors to prevent it from rotting and warping.

uPVC Doors.

Short for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) doors are strong yet cheap, making them the most popular door of choice. uPVC doors can also be customised in terms of colour to match your home’s overall design.

Composite Doors.

Although slightly more expensive than uPVC doors, composite doors are stronger than wood and uPVC and will not warp or need repainting. The material made up of composite doors makes them extremely sturdy.

When changing your external doors, it is important to have the approval of a structural engineer in Sydney first since most external walls are load-bearing.

Interior doors.

When it comes to doors that can be installed for bathrooms, bedrooms and indoor offices, most families give priority more to the style of the door rather than to the security it can offer. It is normal for family members to choose door styles such as flush doors, panel doors and glass doors for indoor use especially if they are confident that their exterior doors are already enough to protect and secure their family.

Choosing the right doors for the different areas of your home can add beauty to your home as well as giving the proper security and protection to your family. However, it is best to get the approval and the services of a structural engineer in Sydney before pushing through with your plans.