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Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

Flutter, a framework developed by Google, is gaining popularity as more applications are being developed using it. One of the key advantages of Flutter is its ability to create cross-platform applications that can be accessed through various platforms including web, iOS, and Android. Flutter is an open-source framework that can be modified and improved by developers through GitHub. Businesses opt for this framework, as they are able to benefit from decreased Flutter app development cost, and still receive seamless app performance.

Listing top open source apps using Flutter.

Flutter apps for daily use

Begin with open source Flutter apps that you can utilize regularly for advantage. Primarily, their focus is on financial and health issues.


Unloc is an application that enables users to control compatible smart locks by opening or closing doors. In addition to this feature, Unloc provides other benefits, such as the ability to share keys with others via text message.

This means that even when you are away from home due to delivery or other reasons, you can grant access to someone by providing them with a key, which can be either one-time or multiple-use. With Unloc, you can ensure both safety and efficiency.

Flutter apps for daily use


NANO cryptocurrency wallet is an excellent choice for individuals who wish to conduct fee-less and scalable cryptocurrency transactions. Natrium, a wallet designed to send, store, and receive NANO securely, has been approved by Red4Sec, a provider of auditing services for cryptocurrencies. Natrium offers contact management features as well as the ability to create and manage NANO wallets. Moreover, it has a range of features, including the capability to convert over 30 different currencies.


Watermaniac is a Flutter-based application designed to track your daily water consumption. By using Watermaniac, you can maintain proper hydration levels and improve your health. The app provides useful information about your daily water intake, allowing you to set a water consumption goal, review your hydration history, and configure notifications to remind you to drink water regularly.

Flutter apps for daily use 3


Deer is an efficient and user-friendly to-do planner that boasts a neat design. This app simplifies to-do planning, offering convenience, speed, and clarity.

Deer comes with a variety of useful features, such as daily planning, note-taking, movie list creation, and shopping list organization. Its intuitive UX allows users to easily add images, filter tasks by categories, schedule notifications for important events, and more.

My Trail

My Trail is an application that offers geolocation services by allowing users to store location data and retrieve coordinates. This feature can come in handy when you come across an interesting sight, but cannot recall its precise location. Additionally, if you lose track of your parked car, My Trail can help by enabling users to set up geographic coordinates using a list of locations. With the help of the date and time filters, you can easily find the information you need.


The last application in this category is the You app, which offers users an overview of their online presence. If you are an active social media user and frequently use Google for search purposes, chances are that you have a lot of personal data scattered across the web. You can retrieve your personal data from various sources such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s worth noting that there are four major companies that collect substantial amounts of personal data.

Flutter apps to train your brain and entertain

Apart from the general purpose applications, there are several open source Flutter apps available that can enhance cognitive skills, offer leisure activities, and provide entertainment. Taking a look at five more such applications can be advantageous.

PI Ultimate

PI Ultimate is an app that offers math-based puzzles to enhance cognitive abilities. By using this app, users can learn an infinite number of PI decimals while staying engaged and competitive. The app rewards users for inputting PI decimals quickly, with higher scores for longer and more accurate combinations. The more combos you earn, the higher your point value becomes.

SpaceX GO!

Do you have an interest in space missions? If you are interested in space exploration, consider SpaceX GO. An app could be useful. The interface is designed to be easily understood and provides comprehensive information on SpaceX, including launches and rocket development. SpaceX GO! This platform provides functions including launch tracking and history view. Additionally, you may receive notifications regarding upcoming rocket launch events, access the vehicle library which contains information about SpaceX rockets and ships, as well as make use of multiple other features.


Zgadula is an entertaining mobile app that allows users to have fun with friends by testing their knowledge. The game requires a minimum of two players and offers various categories such as movies, food & drinks, games, and animals. Once a category is chosen, the player places the phone on their forehead, and other players give hints through spoken words, symbols, hand gestures, or visuals. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and challenge your knowledge!


PostMuse is an app that is exclusively designed for editing stories on Instagram. It offers a range of templates for different events, including birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. The app provides users with access to stock photos, templates for creating stories, free images, and fonts with crisp typography. With PostMuse, you can easily curate your Instagram profile by creating visually appealing stories that engage your audience.


inKino is a Dart application specifically designed for the Finnish market that enables users to search for movies and view showtimes in Finnish cinemas. While the app caters to the Finnish market, individuals outside of Finland can access information about the various movie genres and their storylines. With its sleek, modern interface and minimalist design, inKino offers an intuitive user experience. In addition, the app allows users to book and purchase movie tickets directly within the app.

So why Flutter?

This article highlights the various capabilities of Google’s development framework, Flutter, and showcases its features for both native and cross-platform app development. With Flutter, you can develop a single app that runs seamlessly across multiple platforms, thereby maximizing efficiency and saving valuable resources. Furthermore, Flutter provides an example app that serves as a starting point for new projects.

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