Top 5 Reasons to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport for Luxury Vehicles

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport for Luxury Vehicles

Whether you’re relocating across the country or have found your dream classic car needing specialist transport, you’ll likely consider auto shipping services. Transport providers safely relocate cars, trucks, and RVs overland using specialized equipment. But not all transport methods prove equal when your vehicle’s condition and investment deserve the best protection.

The most common carrier options fall into two categories – open air transport with vehicles loaded onto uncovered flatbed trailers and enclosed transport sealing cars inside hardened containers like oversized truck trailers. Both securely relocate vehicles of all types. However, the structural integrity and climate-controlled interior of enclosed shipping offer additional defenses vital for prized possessions.

For rare, antique, and luxury vehicles, enclosed shipping provides an elevated level of end-to-end care. This “white glove” experience ensures vehicles with six or seven-figure valuations avoid unnecessary risks of open shipping that could damage one-of-a-kind finishes and precision engineering.

When your vehicle’s financial and emotional investment deserves the best care, specialty enclosed transport car shipping delivers. Continue reading to learn more about maximizing vehicle safety, security, and value with enclosed auto shipping services purpose-built for classics and exotic luxury vehicles needing specialized handling.

How Does Enclosed Auto Transport Work?

Enclosed auto transport uses special trailers that are fully closed and protected to ship vehicles long distances. It keeps cars, trucks, and SUVs safe inside from rain, snow, road debris, and temperature extremes that could damage them.

The enclosed trailers look like big metal boxes on wheels. They open up at one end to load the vehicles inside. Some have hydraulic lifts or ramps to gently slide cars in without steep inclines that might scratch bumpers.

Inside, the walls and floors are padded to prevent vehicle scratches if they get bumped around. There are also straps and braces to hold cars steady during the drive so they don’t shift.

The back doors close to seal and lock the vehicle inside the protected trailer compartment, away from external threats. It becomes a safe vault on wheels!

Some enclosed trailers have climate controls like air conditioning that keep a comfortable temperature inside year-round during cross-country drives. This protects leather and wood trims from getting damaged by hot or cold weather.

Reasons to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport for Luxury Vehicles

Relocating your beloved classic Chevy or precious Lamborghini across the country? Ensure your rare ride rolls up in flawless condition by choosing enclosed auto transport. Unlike open carriers that expose vehicles, enclosed trailers provide complete protection across transport. Let’s find out reasons to choose enclosed carrier transport.

  1. Shields from Rain, Snow and Debris

Enclosed trailers seal vehicles away from rain, snow, and road elements that could otherwise damage exteriors. High-velocity debris that may chip paint also gets blocked to protect finishes. Avoid cleaning up unnecessary messes inside!

  1. Prevents Interior Damage from Temperature Extremes

Without climate control on open carriers, vehicle interiors bake in 90+ degree summer heat or freeze below 20 degrees in winter. Extreme temperature swings can crack leather and wood furnishings over weeks in transit. Enclosed units stay climate-controlled to protect delicate furnishings.

  1. Added Security Features Deter Theft

Unfortunately, exotic vehicles can attract thieves prowling truck stops. Enclosed shipping offers lockable hard-sided armor with custom access control like truck vaults. The discreet, opaque exterior hides any hints of the precious cargo inside. Added defenses give peace of mind against potential criminal tampering.

  1. Special Lifts Protect Low Ground Clearance

Hydraulic lift gates gently ease vehicles onto the trailer with minimal ground clearance without risky angled ramps. Specialty interiors also allow the transporting of non-operational project vehicles mid-restoration that cannot drive up ramps under their power. Reduced inclines prevent exterior damage.

  1. Interior Padding & Custom Bracing for Stability

Enclosed trailer interiors feature thick foam padding lining walls and specialty braces securing the chassis for maximum stability while in motion. Vehicles stay gently cushioned against accidental bumps with custom structural supports keeping them straight and shake-free across rugged roads.

  1. Residential White Glove Loading/Unloading

Threshold lifts facilitate enclosed loading/unloading from private driveways, allowing residential pickup without commercial access. Treat your baby to accurate white glove service right from home!

  1. Real-Time GPS Tracking for Security

Modern enclosed carriers feature built-in GPS vehicle tracking with mobile apps allowing real-time location monitoring across transport routes. Receive pings showing the exact truck position, so you always know your vehicle’s estimated arrival and can get status updates if potential delays occur.

  1. Minimizes Overall Transit Damage Risks

According to industry estimates, less than 1% of enclosed shipped vehicles report notable damage. The full-surround protection minimizes risks of exterior issues from road debris that increase with open shipping. You can inspect vehicles at loading, knowing they’ll arrive safely.

  1. Special Handling for Special Vehicles

Drivers transporting enclosed vehicles undergo advanced specialty training in careful loading/unloading of high-value classic, exotic, custom, and delicate vehicles. Extra care instructions give white glove treatment, befitting one-of-a-kind status.

  1. Ideal for six and 7-Figure Classics

When vehicles command enormous financial and emotional value due to provenance, Concours caliber restorations, or extreme performance exclusivity, enclosed shipping provides the last-mile handling such irreplaceable automobiles deserve across long transport journeys. Only the best for these prized rides!

So next time you prepare to ship special vehicles long distance, choose enclosed auto transport, delivering the ultimate care and handling because some precious cargo deserves more than standard conveyance across the country!

Open Transport Risk Factors

Standard open auto transport uses two-level flatbed trailers to maximize vehicle capacity, similar to commercial 18-wheelers hauling goods nationwide. Cars ride fully exposed to road elements without structural reinforcement or climate controls. While the most affordable option works fine for typical family sedan relocations, open shipping introduces multiple risk factors hazardous for irreplaceable vehicles. Let’s examine the numbers:

  • According to industry estimates, 20% of open-shipped vehicles suffer some exterior damage from road debris and precipitation. That translates to a 1-in-5 chance of compromising your vehicle’s flawless specialized paintwork and detailing.
  • Without climate control, interior leather, wood, and chrome finishes must withstand 90 degrees (F) heat to -20 degrees cold. Extreme temperature swings can severely dry out and crack finely crafted original materials never designed for such polar exposure.
  • Driving low clearance exotics, vintage race cars, and trailered show vehicles up 10-15 degree angled ramp inclines risks immediate front splitter, side skirt, and rear diffuser damage from scrapes. It only takes one slip or bumper notch to compromise months of custom exterior work.

Now, let’s walk through the significant benefits enclosed shipping offers over standard uncovered options to safeguard special vehicles.


Here is a simplified, more engaging conclusion focused on why enclosed shipping works well for valuable classic vehicles:

Do you have a rare classic ride that is more than just basic transportation to you? It may represent years of special memories restoring that vintage beauty. Or thousands in bespoke custom details set it apart. Either way, essential vehicles deserve first-class shipping.

That’s where enclosed transport shines. It wraps prized vehicles safely away from weather and road hazards that could chip special paint during basic uncovered trucking. Enclosed trailers offer armored protection like wrapping your baby, and other shipping is exposed to compromise. Suspended gently with padded braces inside, your passion investment stays scratch-free en route.

Do you stress imagining beloved classics baking under the desert sun with cracked leather seats at the journey’s end? Enclosed shipping provides climate control, keeping interiors showready. Does monitoring car location ease your mind? GPS apps allow tracking so you can focus on arrival excitement.

If your vehicle’s emotional or financial value matters, skip open truck risks. Enclosed shipping handles high-end deliveries like armored cars and transfers bank assets securely. Transport your treasure enclosed to complete the restoration story and keep memories unmarred flawlessly. Love your automotive passion? Coddle it fully enclosed all the way home.

Most Common Questions (PAA)

What makes enclosed auto transport a safer option for luxury vehicles?

Enclosed trailers protect completely from weather elements, road debris, and temperature extremes that could otherwise damage sensitive luxury vehicle exteriors and interiors. Padded walls prevent incidental scrapes while climate control maintains optimal humidity for exotic materials. Added security features also deter potential theft targeting high-value vehicles.

How does enclosed transport protect the value of a luxury vehicle?

By preventing exposure damage that could diminish resale value due to compromised paint, chrome, leather, or exotic wood inside luxury cars. Enclosed shipping preserves flawless condition so vehicles retain the highest market valuations based on elite cosmetics and performance calibers, befitting luxury status.

What are the cost differences between open and enclosed auto transport?

Expect enclosed services to run $200-$400 more per transport than open carriers. The range averages $1,000-$3,500 for enclosed, depending on distance and specialty handling requirements. More affordable than jeopardizing a six-figure investment to possible damage!

Can enclosed auto transport accommodate all types of luxury vehicles?

Yes – with customizable trailer options from stretch limo proportions to accommodate extra vehicle length to hydraulic lift gates for low-ground clearance supercars. If unique vehicle specifications, such as height or accessories, pose potential issues, dimension details should be communicated upfront when booking to align properly enclosed equipment.

What insurance coverage is provided with enclosed vehicle transport services?

Reputable enclosed carriers offer $ 150K-$250K in primary cargo insurance protecting vehicle value – plus secondary coverage for any loss of use, diminished resale value from damage, or liability claims. Coverage is always subject to policy terms.

How does weather affect the transport of luxury vehicles?

Precipitation and extreme hot/cold temperatures pose risks for luxury vehicle exteriors and sensitive interiors if exposed to open carriers – risks multiplied by transport distance. Enclosed shipping mitigates environmental threats via sealed, climate-controlled trailers, maintaining ideal, stable conditions.

What security measures are in place during enclosed auto transport?

In addition to locked box-style enclosures with custom access controls, enclosed carriers often use real-time GPS vehicle tracking, allowing owners to monitor transport status via phone apps for location, speed, and more. Drivers are also vetted, and equipment is guarded when not in motion.

Are there any limitations to using enclosed auto transport for luxury vehicles?

Oversized vehicles like full-size tour buses may require special permits. However, enclosed trailers can accommodate most luxury vehicles with advanced notice on specific height/length dimensions to align optimal equipment. Weight limits range from 35,000-45,000 lbs for the largest enclosures.

How do I prepare my luxury vehicle for enclosed transport?

Check and document exterior condition closely pre-shipment, looking for any existing flaws for comparison upon arrival. Disable alarms, retract antennas and remove loose accessories that could impact loading. Partial fuel levels prevent flammability issues.

What should I look for in a reliable enclosed auto transport service?

Verify 5+ years in specialty luxury vehicle shipping experience specifically. Double-check MC authority operating credentials, online reviews, proper insurance certificates, safety records, and availability of modern security trackers. Confirming expertise in shipping high-value classic, antique, and exotic vehicles brings confidence in trusting vehicles to unknown transporters.