Top locations to buy property in Miami

Top locations to buy property in Miami

Every city has the top societies where all the juiciest events occur. In some locations, those top communities are barely accessible to all; it may cost a fortune to live there. A typical example? Luxembourg and perhaps Dubai of the UAE. Luckily, the gap between the rich and the average has been significantly cemented in some modern communities, and Miami is one of them. This is one of the reasons why property for sale in Miami Beach is such a fast seller. Research has shown that a standard house spends a maximum of 90 days on the market before selling out. If that isn’t impressive real estate-wise, then nothing else is. For one, it means:

The estate market is alive and selling fast

Do you know that there are cities where it is hard to sell properties and land assets? Isn’t it a relief to know that if you decide to resell your property or put it to other uses, it won’t languish for a long time? The Miami real estate market is active, with multiple sales being closed daily. In the last quarter of 2022, properties in the Miami Dade county appreciated by at least 20%. This hints to incoming entrants that the realty sector in Miami is strong and formidable, and the profitability measure is high.

According to Florida.Realestate, here are some quick facts about the Miami real estate market:

For the past year, between 2021 – 2022, property appreciation has increased up to 25% in Miami, meaning that the value of resale has increased in that same margin.

At least 80% of the property listings (properties put up for sale or lease) are transacted within a maximum gate period of 90 days.

That about 82% of all the property listings of 2022 have been entirely transacted and closed by December of the same year.

To rent a one-to-two-bedroom apartment, you may need to have an average of $2 000

Real Estate in Miami for 2023

According to experts, real estate is expected to improve come 2023, but there may be more foreclosures of mortgages in the year. If you do not have sufficient capital to kick the property permanently, try out a rental until you are sure to weather the storm and the necessary payments that may follow.

Top locations to buy property in Miami

Miami Beach

The heart of Miami Dade county is Miami Beach which was incorporated in 1915. This city area is voted one of Miami’s best places to live. It receives an influx of tourists and celebrities every year and has some packed beaches in the city. The highlights of the Miami beach are the sparkling waters, the 24/7 alive beach arenas, and the fascinating lounges. Fun activities include boat cruises, food tours, group bus tours, etc.

Fisher Island

Live in one of the most exclusive communities in the USA. Did you know Fisher Island has had the highest GDP per capita income in the USA since 2016? It is one of the smallest and wealthiest communities in Miami. Only about 500 people live on Fisher Island, yet it has fantastic work and plays activities. Fisher Island is a spectacular place to raise a family; it is quiet and fun and has some mind-blowing five-star locations. You can visit the Rickenbacker Trail, Virginia Key Beach Park, and a handful of other sites suitable for people of all ages.

Coconut Grove

A place of good food, a very diverse society, and an impressive outlay of incredible opportunities. Very close to Biscayne Bay, you can find this array of greenie communities of a nice mix of people from different nationalities and fantastic networking opportunities. The town’s highlights include the beachside restaurants serving local and international dishes, the coco walk mall, the Vizcaya Museum, and it is numerous garden areas that make the place look planned.


Aventura is incontestably one of the most famous communities of Miami, and it is so for many reasons. You can begin from the Aventura mall, which is one of the largest in the United States, down to the biking trails and the Don Suffer trails, or you may go up to the arts and cultural center or the Canas Tennis Club, the founders’ park or the affluent JW Marriot Resort and Spa, etc. It is easy to find yourself enjoying Aventura.

Sunny Isles

Lastly for this list is the Sunny Isles which is the home to the Sunny Isles beach, the Oleta River State Park, the Haulover and Pier Park, the Acqualina spa, and a host of other lovely places that will blow your mind.


Your complete guide on the five top communities to buy property in Miami ends with a brief review of the significant areas, the properties’ costs, and the site’s highlights.