Restoring a Classic Car

Top Tips for Restoring a Classic Car

The dream project for many a car lover, restoring a classic car requires investment, time, and plenty of TLC if you want to ensure both the mechanics and the aesthetic presentation are finished to the highest quality.

And while selecting the right car paint might seem like a decision for the future, particularly when you are faced with a real fixer-upper in terms of structure and inner workings, making sure you invest in a paint which is designed to suit classic cars can mean the difference between a low grade and an authentic finish.

Keep reading for more tips like this, on how best to restore a classic car.

The importance of selecting the right car paint

Selecting the right car paint isn’t just about choosing the right colour, however this plays a significant role in restoring a classic car to the condition it was in when it was new. Why? Because classic cars were often available in fewer colour palettes and with far less choice than we have on the modern market, meaning that authentic restorations need to stick within the realms of what was available when their classic car was new.

When dismantling your car, make sure you know what everything is (and where it goes)

One of the best tips we can offer to those attempting a classic car restoration, aside from outsourcing any unknown components and elements of the project to professionals, is to take comprehensive notes about what each part does and where it fits when dismantling.

When applying car paint to a classic car, you will likely find that it is easiest to spray different components of the car when they are dismantled – however, if you then find yourself unable to refit them in the right place, your project will grind to a halt. Take plenty of photos and label each part with its name and placement.

Stick to one part of the project at a time

At every stage of your restoration journey, having small tasks that you can complete and tick off is not only easier to manage but also much more satisfying than finding yourself partway through multiple little tasks at one time.

Approaching your restoration in small tasks will also make the project as a whole easier to budget for and finance, as you will only find yourself needing to buy specific replacement parts as and when the project requires them.

Do you have what it takes to breathe life back into a classic car?

Here at Car Colour Services we have seen it all, from the barely-damaged classics to the start-from-scratch labours of love – and one thing is for sure. You’ve got to love the project from day one. With advice from our inhouse experts available both online or via direct contact, we’ve got plenty more tips like this for those considering a restoration project – not to mention, we’ve got all the car paint you could possible need (and more besides).