Trying To Save Money? Learn About Coupons And Freebies!

Gone are the days wherein we check the newspaper and magazines for coupons! (Come to think of it, do we still have newspapers these days?) Everything we want to get information about is within reach and searchable in seconds. Thanks to Google, our lives (in finding freebies) are made easier.

Whatever we want to purchase, grocery, shopping, and even rent, all that can be availed at a low rate, discounted price, or even for free. If we know where to look, we will get the best value for our money and some. As they say, a penny saved is a penny made, right!?

And so with that, let us explore the vast universe of the World Wide Web and know where to claim useful and practical coupons, cash back, and freebies. Here are five sites to get discounts from right now.

1.  Rakuten (formerly eBates)

Once you get here, you will be prompted for a Referral Bonus signup sheet. The bonus will be given to you once you “refer a friend.”

Easy Hack: Refer a friend to order discounted products through Rakuten so you can get that Referral Bonus! Or you can make another account, and order through there.

What are the available coupons in Rakuten? You will find stores like Macy’s, Kohl’s, Groupon, Lenovo, Adidas, F21, Verizon, OfficeDepot, Uniqlo, Dell, Samsung, and so much more. Give the site a visit. You might find a coupon there and use it for what you need to purchase now.

2.  SmartSource

We all need groceries for daily sustenance. And now, groceries can also be ordered online. It is very convenient and easy. Instead of going to the grocery and enduring long lines, just click the online button, and groceries will be dropped at your door. Still, we want discounts and maybe even free items. With SmartSource, though, you are provided a wide array of coupons for your grocery needs.

For example, you can get a 35cents off coupon for a Real California Milk carton. RxRelief also has up to 75% off coupons on 50,000 medications, available in all their pharmacies – a great deal indeed! Domino Sugar offers 75cents off. Amazing deals, really. Just check out the site and find more coupons that you can print out and present upon payment.

3.  Grocery Coupon Network

By the name itself, you will know what you will get. Groceries! And they provide bigger savings and discounts, in amount, too.

For example, you can save $5 if you purchase any Ancient Nutrition product (coupon is not usable on packets, though.) Also, any product from Irwin Naturals or Nature’s Secret will get $3 off. Catalina Crunch has a $1 for those Keto dieters. And there are so many more. Check this out.

4.  Procter & Gamble

If you visit the P&G site, you will see that they have a COUPONS landing page. This page contains coupons and promo codes too. At this time, the promo code available is for a purchase of One Day Multivitamins (men or women) and it offers a 15% discount. You can also save a few cents and some dollars on your personal hygiene purchases. Just print the coupon and present it to the cashier upon payment, that’s it!

There is more, though.

Keep all your receipts because you can use it afterwards. Scan the receipt using the P&G website and earn rewards. This is also another way for you to earn cash since the uploaded receipts can earn points which will be turned to cash savings. Also, some coupons expire within 24 hours so it is better for you to check the site daily for discounted items.

5.  Kellogg’s Family Rewards

This site is especially helpful for moms whose kids are fond of Kellogg’s. All of their products in the site have at least a 50 cents coupon discount! The Kellogg’s® Special K® Cereal, the Kellogg’s® Raisin Bran Cereal, and the Pop Tarts® offer at least $1 off per coupon. They also offer rewards for their consumers. As you buy their products (even on discounted prices) you will get points and redeem Kellogg’s items. Simply amazing!

Coupons mean discounts and discounts mean savings for us. We all NEED to save money especially with the pandemic ongoing now. Every cent we save becomes a big amount when pulled together. I used to be so shy about coupons and asking for discounts, but now, NO. Life is hard these days and we need to survive in any means necessary. These coupons and discounts would truly help.