TV Bus Systems

TV Bus Systems: The Best Onboard Entertainment for Fleets

Fleet buses and coaches focus on carrying passengers to different destinations. Some complete long routes while others use shorter routes. Technology has assisted this industry to improve the management of operations, increase passenger and driver safety, and provide passengers with the best onboard entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, TV bus systems play a big role in this as they keep passengers entertained throughout the journey. According to fleet managers and owners, most TV bus systems are loaded with numerous channels to cover interests such as music, news, movies, and sports among others. Many also allow passengers to have internet access.

It is prudent that any fleet management company considers the latest TV bus systems for their passengers to enjoy high-quality entertainment and a lot of options, especially the streaming of movies and music. But how can a new fleet company or one that wants to renew their TV bus system go about it? The insights below will answer your questions.

What Is a TV Bus Entertainment System?

This is an entertainment system that is more than just a TV to watch movies and listen to music. If you check reputable fleet solutions providers’ websites, you will be surprised to learn that most modern buses and coaches actually have access to the internet and allow passengers to browse the web.

Some buses have one central TV, while most have headrest screens to provide a personalized experience. If you do not feel like opening your laptop or gaming on your mobile phone is a bit boring, turning to a TV bus system for entertainment is a perfect alternative.

 TV Bus Entertainment System

What TV Bus Systems Can Do

Buses and coaches that provide customized entertainment through many screens also have numerous options. The TVs are easy to use because they have icons for all the services they provide.

  •       Music – Most passengers prefer music for entertainment. So, giving them an option to stream their favorite music on the TV bus system and listen through provided headphones is a great idea. The headphones should always be sanitized after every trip especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  •       News – Many passengers will be interested in getting the latest news. Fleet companies collaborate with news platforms or just provide free-to-air stations to ensure that passengers have news to watch. Many times, you have a couple of news channels to watch.
  •       Sports – It feels good to catch up on a live sports event as you travel. The good news is that TV bus systems have sports channels that you can follow. Whether you love football, soccer, tennis, or any other sports, you are likely to find it.
  •       Movies – This is the easiest form of entertainment in buses today. With numerous movie streaming websites, it is easy for a fleet to subscribe to these channels to keep passengers entertained.
  •       Games – Some TV bus systems have game options when they are connected to the right console or websites. These are best for kids and teenagers who have now become fans of games.
  •       Kids’ channels – Fleet companies should always remember children, who need to be entertained throughout the journey. Kids’ channels are loaded with cartoons, puzzles, and games among other things.

How to Install TV Bus Systems

Fleet companies should consider reputable fleet solutions providers such as Eyeride LLC when looking for TV bus systems. They always have the best solutions that will not disappoint. Most offer installation services after you choose what you want.

The TV bus system you settle on should have the latest features such as connectivity to the web and access to movie websites and social media platforms. Also, they should have reliable software that does not malfunction or fail every now and then.

When it comes to installation, the process is simple when a skilled technician is involved. First, the TV screens are positioned where they are needed, mostly on the headrest of seats. Then the wires are laid for power, access to the internet, and control equipment.

After this, tests are carried out by a technician to ensure that all is working perfectly before passengers are allowed to interact with the TV bus system. After use by the passengers, any challenge detected can be attended to by the technician. Also, upgrades are completed regularly by the solutions provider or the manufacturer.

Benefits of a TV Bus System for Fleets

Having this system in your fleet of passenger buses or coaches gives your company a reputation for excellent services. So, make sure that it is there and that it operates perfectly. When passengers are happy, they also support your business again and recommend it to their friends, which increases the profit margins. Since other fleet companies are also using these TV bus systems, you should have one as well.


With these insights, you now know more about TV bus systems. Most importantly, you know what they do and how to install them. With the advancement in technology and increase in availability of fleet solutions, you can have your TV bus system at an affordable price.