My Driver’s License Suspended

What Can I Do if I Had My Driver’s License Suspended?

We have all encountered situations where some of our deliberate or accidental actions have gone against the government’s rules. We only get to know by the suspension of our documents, our licenses, most especially our driver’s license.

So, if you are part of hundreds of people stuck in this situation, this provides a guide on how to solve it.

If your driver’s license was suspended, not revoked, the first step is to find the reason for the suspension. Learn more about the various steps you can take to improve your situation.

What Are Some Of Reasons For A License Suspension?

Here are a few reasons that you may have a license suspension.

Reckless Driving

If you were caught disobeying some traffic laws, this might be a reason for suspension.

Missed Court Appearance

If you failed to appear in court for any lawsuit, your driver’s license could be suspended as a means of punishment.

Other Reasons That Your Suspended License Lawyer Will Tell You About

Here are a few more aspects your suspended license lawyer might talk to you about when you avail their services.

if I Had My Driver’s License Suspended

Failure to Meet Child Support Payments

if you’ve missed any child support payment, you can be suspended.

Loss of Driving Points

Driving points are marks added to your license any time you committed a traffic violation.

Driving Under the Influence Arrests

If you have ever been arrested for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or caught driving and doing other activities like the use of your smartphone that can cause an issue. In essence, you can have your license suspended.

Other notable reasons include too many traffic tickets, not paying court fines, driving without insurance, vehicular felony, falsification of information in your DMV, and parents’ withdrawal for minors.

How Long Does a Driver’s License Suspension Last?

The length of suspension depends on the reason. For instance, it takes up to 50-60 days if you receive 6 demerits driving points in the span of 12 months.

Driving Under the Influence Arrests can cost you up to two years, and the convictions can be double, which is 4 years. Reckless driving can cost you a one-month suspension. Other offenses depend on the jurisdictions in your state.

How to Reinstate Your License with A Suspended License Attorney

Once you understand the reason for your suspension and how long it takes, here are the steps to get your license reinstated back. Some suspension comes with privileges which involve mandatory driving. You can discuss with your suspended license lawyer and learn more about these aspects.

Mandatory driving includes driving from your home to work to and fro or/and driving from your home to school to and fro.

You can continue to drive like this until the suspension expires, but if you would love to include driving for pleasure purposes such as traveling or errands, you can petition the court through your attorney. It is best always to have an attorney at hand for cases like this.

Fulfill the punishment/suspension period. It is best to serve the punishment thoroughly to avoid other additional penalties. Pay the necessary fines and ensure you take all steps that will lead to the reinstatement.

You can also appeal for suspension if you feel you were wrongfully suspended.

The Right People Can Help in These Distressing Situations

Ensure you do not take the same steps that caused your suspension. Having an attorney at hand will make this process easier.

If you cannot afford an attorney, there are free ones provided by various organizations that are in line with the state or that non-government organizations.