What is Oilfield Housing and When Can You Need It

What is Oilfield Housing and When Can You Need It?

Working in the oil and gas industry is vastly different from your typical 9-to-5 job. While working in these industries, you may find yourself on remote oilfields or drilling sites for weeks or even months at a time. And when you are working far from home, you need a place to stay. That’s where oilfield housing comes in. Oilfield housing provides temporary accommodations for workers in the oil and gas industry, offering a safe and comfortable place to live while they work.

This article will explore the basics of oilfield housing and when you might need it. From understanding the different types of accommodations available to knowing the benefits of living on-site, this article will help you make informed decisions about your housing needs.

What is Oilfield Housing:

For those of you who are unaware of the concept of oilfield housing, it refers to temporary accommodations which are specifically designed for workers in the oil and gas industry who need to work on remote sites. These housing arrangements are typically located near the working place and provide essential amenities such as sleeping quarters, bathrooms, kitchens, and recreational areas.

Some oilfield housing companies provide short-term house rentals and mobile home parks for workforces in the construction and oilfield industry. This is an excellent option for workers who want an affordable and convenient solution for their stay at the construction site.

When Can You Need Oilfield Housing:

If you work in the oil and gas industry, you know that the job can be demanding. Working long hours on remote drilling sites can be challenging, especially when you’re far from home. But when you need to be on-site for days, weeks, or even months, oilfield housing can make all the difference. Following are the three common scenarios among construction, oilfield, and disaster relief workers that call for oilfield housing.

Working On a Remote Site:

If you are working on a remote oilfield or drilling site, commuting back and forth every day may not be feasible. Oilfield housing provides temporary lodgings that are not only safe and comfortable but are also usually located near your work site.

With amenities like linen services, internet access, housekeeping, and private bathrooms, these places provide you with the best environment to focus on your work without worrying about where you’ll eat or sleep.

Emergency Response Situations:

In emergency response situations, every minute counts. Workers need to be on-site quickly to assess the situation and provide assistance. Due to this haphazard situation, traditional accommodation may not be readily available. Or it may not be practical for workers who need to be close to the emergency site.

Oilfield housing arrangement is a quick and temporary fix for these workers. It provides them with a safe and comfortable place for the days that they have to be there. Oilfield housing can be designed to be self-contained, meaning that workers have everything they need in one location. This can be particularly useful in emergency situations where access to outside resources may be limited.

Working In a Hazardous Environment:

The oil and gas industry is a dangerous line of work, and workers in this field are often exposed to hazardous situations. These environments can expose you to a range of risks, including exposure to chemicals, machinery, and extreme weather conditions. Having a safe and secure place to stay is essential if you’re working in an environment like an offshore rig or a fracking site.

These housing arrangements will reduce the risks associated with long commutes or traveling to and from work sites. Furthermore, oilfield housing is designed to meet the specific needs of these workers, offering additional benefits like fire suppression systems, security, and emergency response protocols.

Short-term Projects:

Short-term projects can be a great opportunity for workers in the oil and gas industry to gain experience and develop their skills. However, finding suitable accommodation for a short-term project can be a challenge. Traditional rental options may not be available or may not be practical for workers who need to be close to their work site. This can create stress and uncertainty, as workers may not know where they’ll be living during their project.

Oilfield housing can provide a flexible and practical solution for workers on short-term projects. With a range of options available, workers can find temporary accommodations that meet their needs and fit within their budgets.

Moreover, short-term projects can be demanding and require long hours, leaving little time for workers to relax and recharge. Having access to comfortable and convenient housing can make a big difference in the quality of life for workers on short-term projects.

Remote Exploration:

Remote exploration is another situation where oilfield housing can be essential. When companies are exploring oil and gas in remote areas, they often need to set up temporary camps for their workers. These camps are usually located in areas that are far from any civilization, making it challenging to find suitable accommodation for workers.

In these situations, oilfield housing can provide a practical solution for workers. Temporary housing options like trailers, mobile homes, and temporary rental houses can be set up at the remote exploration site, providing workers with a safe and comfortable place to stay. These accommodations are designed to meet the unique needs of workers during these times, providing basic amenities like sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and kitchens.

When You Need to be Available 24/7:

Working in the oil and gas industry often means being available around the clock. Whether you are dealing with an emergency, performing maintenance tasks, or need to be on call, oilfield housing provides a convenient and practical solution for workers who need to be available 24/7.

With accommodations close to your work site, you can be available whenever needed without worrying about travel time and logistics. This can be especially beneficial in critical situations where time is of the essence and quick action is necessary. Moreover, as discussed above, oilfield housing provides a safe and comfortable space for workers to rest and recharge when they are not on duty, helping to ensure that they are always ready to respond when needed.


The significance of proper housing for oilfield workers cannot be overstated. Working long hours in remote and harsh areas can be physically and emotionally exhausting, necessitating the need for secure, pleasant, and convenient lodgings. The chosen housing option should provide workers with a safe, comfortable, and conducive environment that supports their well-being and productivity.