What to Know About Moving to Antioch, CA

What to Know About Moving to Antioch, CA

Moving to a growing, thriving community is the goal for many and if you have been in search of an area that allows you to grow, look no further than Antioch, CA. You do not have to live in the most popular cities in California to enjoy its illustrious beauty. Some of the best places to live are outside of the big metropolises and moving to these outlying communities can help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Demographics of Antioch, CA

Rest assured, you are not moving to a small, out of the way town, but a growing community comprised of just over 115,000 people. Those numbers are according to the 2020 census and that is up substantially since the last census in 2010 which showed a population of just over 100,000. The significant growth in this area is related to a variety of different factors and those who move here can expect an excellent quality of life.

Career Opportunities

Everyone deserves the opportunity to find their true passion and when you are seeking more than just a job, you can certainly find your ideal career in this career focused city. According to recent data, there are over 650 dining establishments, 476 contractors, 257 family-oriented companies, 196 real estate options, and 501 health and medicine related fields. The possibilities are endless and even if you want to start a business from the ground up on your own, Antioch, CA is the place to help make your dreams a reality.

What About Education

Education in Antioch is great for all ages. Public schools in the city run concurrent with the national average and test scores continue to increase. According to recent data, there are 6 preschools, 9 elementary schools, and 6 high schools open to the public. As for private schools, you can choose from one of 12. For those seeking higher education, you have a choice between Los Medanos College, Contra Costa Medical Career College, and the Pass Institute.

Homes in Antioch, CA

Naturally, when moving to Antioch, CA it helps to know something about homes in the area. Generally, the median home process have hovered around $690K. Where that is generally a good price for homes in California, rental units are still an option as well for those that want to try out the area before committing to purchasing their own home. If this is something you choose to do, you might want to investigate utilizing storage units in Antioch, CA.

Having a storage unit available to you while moving is a great assistant to the entire process. Rental units can often be smaller and instead of getting rid of your possessions, renters have the option of securely storing their belongings in both secured indoor and standard storage facilities. Even after you purchase your dream home in Antioch, CA keeping the storage unit will help you maintain optimal organization in your home and ensure you have a place to store valuables or seasonal items.

Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve

In Antioch, CA, you can do a lot of things, but it is also beneficial to invest in exploring the history of the area. In this part of the country mines were an important part of history and the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve is an excellent way to make that history come alive. Visitors are allowed to explore ruins of the mines and are encouraged to hike through over 60 miles of trails to get a true feel for the space. Inside the mines, tour guides show visitors what a real mine looks like and tells stories of various mining projects that took place many years ago.

Antioch Speedway

Attractions come in a range of styles, but if you seek something full of adrenaline and speed, look no further than the Antioch Speedway. The speedway runs with the All Stars Racing Series, so you can expect to see a wide variety of speed focused cars from every genre. The racetrack is an oval, dirt track, so it is a different experience than most other speedways. Events at Antioch Speedway are among the most coveted tickets in town, so you will certainly become a regular here if you like fast cars and the smell of racing fuel.

Paradise Skate and Roller Rink

Taking a hike in one of Antioch’s many parks is a great way to spend an afternoon on a sunny day, but what about when the weather is too hot or it happens to be raining. For these days, the Paradise Skate and Roller Rink is here for you. The thrill of flying around the rink on a pair of inline or traditional skates is unmatched. Even if you are a beginner, this establishment offers the Super Skater Program to teach you how to skate and it is open to all ages. The Paradise Skate and Roller Rink comes complete with a classic arcade game selection, so there is always something for everyone here.

Getting Around Antioch, CA

Transportation is essential no matter whare you live, but in Antioch, you have a lot of choices in how you get from one place to another. The city is made to be an easy biking and walking city, but also has ample public transit. Public transit in Antioch is reliable and versatile with both busses and trains running throughout the city and to neighboring regions. Many find public transit a more economical way to get around as you will avoid the potential for parking violations by paying a small, monthly fee for a transit card.

Antioch, CA is a stunning location with a lot to offer both busy professionals and families. If you are looking for a place that you can find your ideal career and ensure your children have a great road to their personal education, look no further than this growing city. Make your big move to Antioch, CA today and never look back. What are you waiting for?