glasses looks good for round faces

What type of glasses looks good for round faces?

In this era, along with glasses, individual personalities have been widely transformed. A wide range of accessories that combined aesthetics and functionality have occupied a considerable position in the fashion world.

It is common knowledge that once something is introduced in the fashion world, it will eventually develop various designs; let’s take spectacles as an example. Apart from helping one to have a clear vision, it has now become a fashion accessory.

In the early years, retro frames have been widespread, and now irregular frames or frameless are in demand. Even though they are fashionable and on-trend, not everyone can sway them. Therefore, glasses have become an intellectual activity, and you need to purchase according to your personality.

Let’s get to know about the characteristics of the round face and frames that match with shape.

Round face and frames that match with it:

There are different face shapes, and knowing your face shape would help you choose the right hairstyle, makeover, and of course, your glasses. Earning about your face shape isn’t any rocket science; all you need is to step in front of the mirror and observe your face. Round faces look precisely how it sounds.

Round face and frames that match with it

The face is more circular and softer than others. So now, if you end up having a round face, you will have a fuller shape to the cheeks giving it a broader look and a rounded chin compared to an oval face or a square one. Also, round-shaped faces have foreheads that are wider at the top. In most cases, the jawline is more subtle in round faces. Now, let’s move on to frames that are suitable for round shaped faces.

Many glasses compliment with round faces. Now, check out below; we have highlighted some of the best glasses for round face shape.

  • Square frames

This square frame is an American classic. You would get to see every generation of Hollywood stars wearing them anywhere they go. The characteristic angles in the frames give contrast to any round faces. It also helps add a balance to the soft feature in your face, giving the vision that your face is more prolonged and slimmer.

  • Transparent glasses

Clear or transparent frames became the biggest hits in 2017. These frames have a clear or a very faint tint that is almost invisible from a distance. Also, the playful modern frames give you an aura of intelligence, adding a chic to any of your outfits.

  • Full-rimmed glasses

The full-rimmed frames are the best for round shaped faces, and it has thick frames that surround the lenses and balance your facial features. They add strong, angular lines to your face, and hence, a dark-coloured and full-rimmed pair of glasses would do your round face the best trick.

  • Wooden frames

In these eco-friendly trends, wooden eyeglasses are among the latest and hottest trends that pair perfectly with round-shaped faces. The natural materials used in making these frames give out an elegant feel. The eco-friendly material boosts your confidence with such style.

Four factors to consider while choosing glasses

Eyeglasses are an essential everyday accessory, which you would be carrying with you all the time. So, choosing the right eyeglass frames is not an easy task. Apart from learning about your face shape, there are certain other crucial factors that you need to keep in mind while buying your spectacle frame. There are many elements to choose a perfect frame. Below I have listed down four essential factors to consider while selecting glasses.

  1. Your personality and lifestyle

Your personality is the most crucial factor when choosing a frame. When you buy your eyeglass, you need to ensure the frame needs to match with your personality. Your eyewear is something that would represent you, and so, choose based on your personal or professional need. For example, if you are working professionally, you should opt for a rimless or semi-rimless frame. If you end up being a student, then go for frames with attractive colours and shapes. Hence, it is essential to understand your personality style. You can apply it to everything you wear — including your eyeglasses!!

  1. The shape of your face

Your eyeglasses will compliment you only if you choose the style according to your face shape. Look for frames that will help you balance your facial features. For example, if you have a round-shaped face, you will want to try square frames. This style would bring out the best of your facial features.

  1. Frame Colour

Colour is also an essential factor to consider. Your choice of colour reveals a lot about you as a person. While choosing a frame, keep in mind about complimenting it with your skin tone. First, you need to know whether your undertone is warm or cool. If you are warm undertone- the warmer shades such as golden, olive green, orange, or tortoiseshell will look good on you. If you are cool, undertone- black, grey, pink, blue, or silver shades will perfectly flatter your skin.

  1. Size of the frame

Lastly, another deciding factor that would sum up the perfect purchase of your eyeglass is the size of your frame. The size of your eyeglass should match your face size. For example, if your face size is 5 inches (measure from temple to temple), your suitable frame size would be 52mm.


Trendy, stylish glasses for round faces are widely available and come in all sorts of shapes and colours. Moreover, you should try adding a pop of colour to your frame to attract people’s eyes.

One of the biggest challenges of accessorizing with glasses is to choose the right shape, size, and colour of glass for your face. Just remember one thing, before purchasing, you need to be sure that you are selecting your frames in the right size.