What Will Make a Blog Comment Look Like Spam

What Will Make a Blog Comment Look Like Spam?

When you spend time and effort on your blog, you want to make sure you have readers. After all, what is the point of covering trending topics and giving your valuable insights in a popular discussion just for nobody to read it?

It is not enough just to write fantastic blog posts. You also have to work to increase your website’s traffic so that you can get your posts out to the right people. How do you do this? Well, there are different SEO strategies you can employ. One thing you should be doing is commenting on other blogs.

When you comment on blogs, you can build relationships with bloggers. You are also going to reach new readers that might be interested in your content. But, something you have to be very careful of is looking like spam. This can have the opposite effect of what you want. So, let’s take a closer look at what a spam comment can look like.

Elements of a Spam Comment

While you know that your intentions are good and you are not spam, the owner of the blog might not. It can result in your comment being deleted. Yes, you can gain traffic with blog comments. But, this is only going to happen if you make it clear you are not spam. So, here are some elements of a spam comment you want to avoid.

Unrelated to the Post

A spam comment is going to be very general and not relate to the post it is featured on. So, when you are writing your comment, make sure you are referring to the blog post you have just read. You want to show you understand it and are engaging with the content rather than just promoting your blog from the start.

Only Leaving a Link

Yes, you are leaving a link to your blog, so readers check it out. But, you have to ensure you are leaving a real comment and not just a link. This is definitely going to look like spam, which the owner could delete. Plus, if you were a reader, would you simply click on a random link?

Short and Boring

You want to put in some effort when it comes to your comments. Remember that you want readers to click on your link and be interested in what might be there. If you have a short and boring comment, this is not going to encourage them to do this. Plus, the owner is clearly going to see what you are doing and think you are spam. So, try to create a lengthy comment that asks good questions and really wishes to discuss the blog post. You want to create discussion and get other readers interested in what you are saying.

How to Create a Good Blog Comment

Are you not sure how you should structure your blog comment? Well, there are a few things you can do that will help you get into the swing of it. Here is some advice.

Introduce Yourself

First, without sounding full of yourself, introduce who you are and why you started reading this blog post. For example, if you are reading something about engineering, say that you are an expert in engineering and the topic was something you wanted to learn about or discuss.

Compliment the Post

Yes, you want people to visit your blog. But, you do not want to criticise the current blogger in the process. Instead, make sure you say that you enjoyed the post and the elements you found interesting.

Add Your Opinion

Next is the main part of your comment. This is where you are going to share your opinion and have a discussion. You want to share your insights and discuss at length some of the points that were made in the blog. This is your opportunity to show your expertise and get people interested in what you are saying.

Share a Link

If it is appropriate, you can share a link to your website. This can mean that the audience can head straight there and it is a natural progression from the blog post. If not, you can say to the author that you will be linking to their work. This way, you can build a relationship with them and it shows that you value their content. Indeed, you can then add a link to this post in your upcoming content, which can mean in the future, they will do the same to you.