Which house inspection services do I need when selling my home

Which house inspection services do I need when selling my home?

Selling your home requires a lot of work; you have to find a reliable real estate agent, research the market, decide on an asking price, and much more. One key and most misunderstood step is getting your home professionally inspected.

This article will examine the key features to look for when shopping for house inspection services so you can choose a house inspector that’ll get the job done right. Continue reading the article below to learn more.

100% Complete Professional Inspection

When looking for a professional house inspector to analyze your home, it is crucial you select a company that offers a complete inspection of your entire property. Almost all house inspection services will analyze the interior and exterior of the home and the foundation, but you would be surprised how many neglect to inspect other vital areas, such as the landscaping and appliances.

When selecting a house inspection service, it is essential you go over the terms of the service package to make sure they inspect often missed areas like the landscaping, the attic insulation and ventilation, the plumbing system, and every electrical outlet in the home.

Termite Inspection

Depending on what part of the county you live in, termites are unavoidable. However, if caught early, they can be relatively easy to deal with. Most house inspection services offer complimentary termite inspection so you can handle the infestation before putting the house on the market.  If a home inspector doesn’t offer this service, we advise you to choose another provider.

Shut-Off Tags

Shut-off tags are markers placed on valves in your home. These tags indicate what the function of the valve is as well as essential safety instructions on how to handle them. After finishing their inspection, a good house inspection service will place these tags on all valves, such as the water heater and furnace.

It may seem like a simple and insignificant task, but if these valves are not handled properly, they could seriously damage your home and yourself. During the moving process, there can be a lot of activity in your home, and having these identifiable markers can help you avoid an accident.

Walk Through For Potential Buyers

This service is almost always optional, and you and your realtor may not need it. A high-quality house inspection service will typically offer a walk-through of the property for any potential buyer to answer any of their questions. Of course, the inspector will provide a detailed report that is easy to read, but if you feel uncomfortable answering a potential buyer’s questions accurately, this option is always available.

Digital Report

Finally, the most important part of the inspection is the report. It’s the job of the house inspection service to provide a detailed report of their inspection of your home that is easy to read. We also recommend choosing a service that provides a digital version of the report with pictures that is easy to download and share with potential buyers.

Choosing The Right Home Inspector Is Crucial

A poor home inspector can do much damage on your journey to selling your home. Incomplete and incomprehensible reports can turn off potential buyers in a heartbeat. If you are interested in selling your home, use the criteria above when searching for house inspection services.