Who and Where is Theresa Kelly

Who and Where is Theresa Kelly? All Secrets Here

Theresa Kelly is the elder sister to the famous singer, rapper, and songwriter R. Kelly. She is a stylist. In an interview in 2019 on the show ‘Unwine with Tasha.’ Carey Kelly, the younger brother to Theresa, accused her of sexually abusing Robert Sylvester Kelly and Carey while the mother was at work.

So, who is Theresa Kelly? Where does she live? All these and much more information will be in this piece. Continue reading to learn more about the elder sister to the King of Pop-Soul.

Early Life

Theresa Kelly was born on January 2nd, 1962, in California, U.S.A. Joanne, their single mother, raised her and her siblings in Ida B Wells Home public housing project was where the family lived. This was in Chicago.

As a single mother, Joanne could live Theresa to babysit her brothers. At that time, she began sexually harassing the brothers. Robert was first sexually abused when he was seven years. Theresa, at that time, was thirteen years old. She then raped Carey when he was six years while she was sixteen years. All this information is by Carey Kelly during the interview at Unwine with Tasha in 2019.

Carey also added that Theresa used to undress and force him for oral sex. A thing he knew was terrible. Even though he tried urging her mother not to leave for work, that couldn’t work as the mother was the only sole breadwinner of the family.

During an interview with Tavis Smiley, Robert Kelly said while he was young, a family member sexually harassed him but never disclosed the name.

Out of all these accusations, Theresa Kelly refuted the claims.

After the funeral of their mother, Joanne Theresa disappeared never to be seen by Carey to date, but she’s thought to have attended R. Kelly’s events together with her pastor.

The family seems to have lots of controversies as accusations have been leveled against R. Kelly for molesting young girls.


Robert’s sister went to a high school in Chicago. For sure, it is not known. Later she attended the University of California, where she studied a graduate degree. (The name of the degree is not known too.)

Weight and Height

According to Walikali, Theresa is seventy-four kilograms, and she is 167 centimeters tall. Additionally, she has green eyes and brown hair.

What is the Profession of Theresa Kelly?

Theresa Kelly is a professional stylist and has her fashion studio in Chicago. She is so private; hence that’s all the information known about Theresa’s profession.

Furthermore, there’s no single social media account linked to her making her anonymous.

Change of Name Rumors

Due to the attention, she has been getting off late because of accusations of raping her younger brothers Robert and Carey. It is thought that Theresa might have changed her name. The 58-year-old has not been seen in public or anyone heard from her.

Other claims say that her decision to change her name is necessitated by how she mentally tortured the brother, and she might be held accountable for the behavioral change of Robert Sylvester Kelly.

Where Does She Live?

Presently, Theresa lives in Aurora, Illinois, with her family. The husband’s name is not known. Theresa has two children, but no one knows their names. In the event of a social gathering, she and her husband don’t accompany each other.

Theresa Kelly’s Net Worth

The sister to R. Kelly is believed to be worth 1.28 million U.S. dollars. Theresa has over five thousand units of Flushing stock that are worth $411,267. She sold her FFIC stock that was worth $268,558.

Back in 2014, she had more than fifteen thousand units of Flushing stock, which was amounting to $258,050. Up to now, she is believed to have more than thirty-five thousand Flushing stock units.

Currently, no one knows how much she gets from her fashion studio business, but it is one of the sources of her wealth.

What Does Theresa Kelly Love?

Like any other person, Theresa has things she loves doing. Traveling and cooking are her favorite hobbies. While her beloved actors Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise while actresses are Joey King and Angelina Jolie, respectively. When it comes to her top travel destinations are Italy and Paris, France. She loves eating Mexican meals.


Theresa Kelly became known to the public after an accusation by her brother Carey of molesting them while they were young. After that revelation, it’s when people started taking notice of Theresa. Since her mother’s funeral, she has been missing.

Even if she keeps a low profile and no social media account has to date been linked with her. People hope that she comes out one day and sets the record straight about the while sexual harassment claims.

Hope to see her soon. Thanks for reading this is all we got concerning Theresa Kelly.