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Who are 20 funniest stand-up comedians of all time?

All of us like and enjoy seeing comedians perform on the television or stage. But have you ever wondered who the world’s greatest comedians are? Well, this article presents a list that contains the names of the most entertaining and the most humorous comedians of all time. These comedians are truly blessed with the art of creating an ambiance where everyone can laugh to the fullest.

These comedians are very famous and have been able to win the hearts of many through their unique styles of presenting comedy. Over time, they have been able to perform on Comedy Central, one of the biggest and most coveted platforms for the stand-up comedians.

The following list has been created with the help of information collected from Wikipedia, Ranker, and Celebrity Net Worth. This list contains up to date information about the 25 amazing stand-up comedians. The list gives us a brief description of them as well as provides us with an overview of their work.

Let us have a look at all-time favorite comedians:

1.     George Carlin


George Carlin secures first place in the list of the stand-up comedians. He has earned massive fame by doing comedy related to Politics. The public considers him the master of black comedy. He tried different professionals other than comedy, which includes his stint as an author, comedian, and actor. He is a well-known social critic. His famous work “Seven Dirty Words” played a vital role in the case between F.C.C. versus Pacifica Foundation that took place in the Supreme Court in 1978.


2.     Richard Pryor


Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor occupies the second place in the list. He is an American by birth and one of the most hilarious stand-up comedians. Apart from comedy, he is fond of acting. Pryor’s comedy encompasses issues associated with racism. The use of vulgarity and profanity is widespread in his work. He has been an all-time favorite, as his works have been liked by masses.


3.     Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Well known as an actor as well as a comedian, Robin Williams was able to melt the heart of millions of fans with his hilarious jokes and comedy. Back in the 1970s, Robin McLaurin William set off his professional journey in the field of comedy and humor. He started his career from Los Angeles and became famous as a stand-up comedian over time. Besides comedy, he tried his luck in films and did some sitcom movies, like ‘Good Will Hunting’ or ‘Mork & Mindy’, which made him immensely famous among people. Equipped with improvisation techniques, he took comedy to a different level.


4.     David Chappelle

David Chappelle

In the fourth position, we have David Chappelle. He possesses many skills, such as writing, acting, and he is also into producing films. In 1993, he got a chance to participate in films. The role of Ahchoo in the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights made him famous overnight. Eventually, he landed up with many flicks, such as Con Air, Blue Streak, The Nutty Professor, and Undercover Brother. He has also been a part of Comedy Nights Central.


5.     Edward Murphy


Edward Murphy secures the next position on the list. He has played numerous roles, such as singer, comedian, film producer, and screenwriter. In 1980, Murphy became a member of Saturday Night Live and continued to visit it regularly until 1984. On the list of Comedy Central, he secured the 10th  position out of 100 stand-up comedians.


6.     Chris Rock


Chris Rock is an American by birth. He started his career with stand-up comedies. He continued his stand up comedy career for a long time, after which he switched doing small roles in the movies. Chris Rock hosted the 77th  and the 88th  Academy Awards that took place in 2005 and 2016, respectively.


7.     Louis C.K

Louis C.K

Well, known American-Mexican comedian, Louis C.K is a born artist who can make anyone laugh. Along with his stand-up career, he also got an opportunity to play multiple roles, such as writer, actor, and filmmaker. He became a recipient of the Primetime Emmy Award and Peabody Award. He was also the winner of Grammy Award, which he received for creating the Best Comedy Album twice in his lifetime. In the list of stand-up comedians, he is ranked at the 7th position.


8.     Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld

Better known as the world’s richest comedian, Jerry Seinfeld holds the no. 8 positions in the list. His performance in the film Seinfeld made him an overnight sensation. He had many successful stints as an actor, writer, producer, and comedian. The Comedy Central list of 2015 has ranked him in the 12th  position in the list of best all-time comedians.


9.     Steven Martin

Steven Martin

Steven Martin has occupied the tenth rank in the list. Being a versatile person, he has tried various professions including acting, writing, producing, and creating music. Martin is known for performing offbeat comedy mostly in live concerts. His popularity can be seen from the fact that his shows were always packed with the audience. Over time, he became a great actor, author, banjo player, and pianist.


10.    Bill Burr

Bill Burr

A distinguished and outstanding comedian, writer and actor Bill Burr, is next in the list. He has 6 stand-up comedy shows to his credit. He has been applauded for performing as a host on the Monday Morning Podcast. The comedian is the Co-founder of the All Thing Comedy Things, which was his most successful venture. He secures 10th position in the stand-up comedian list owing to his massive fan-base.


11.    Jack Roy

Jack Roy

Better known as Jack Roy, Dangerfield become famous as a stand-up comedian in America. He was also a leading actor, producer, and voice artist. He gained the limelight and won everyone’s heart for the monologues that he used for various themes.


12.    Mitch Hedberg


A leading comedy artist, preferably notable for offbeat humor, Hedberg was an American comedian. His one-liner jokes created surreal humor. He is rightly considered as the master of short tricks.


13.    Kevin Hart


Born in Philadelphia, Kevin Hart won the hearts of the audience with his excellent jokes. Initially, he started his stand-up comedy career at various clubs in New England. Apart from comedy, he took an active interest in acting and producing films. Later, his talent got recognition and he rose to fame.


14.    Jim Gaffigan


Jim Gaffigan became a comedian of high repute after he co-founded a television series. The T.V. show was based on Gaffigan’s life. Thus, he performed in the T.V. series. Soon, after this television series was aired, it was loved by all. Jim was appreciated for his sense of humor and soon he became a notable stand-up comedian. He secures the 14th position in the stand-up comedian list.


15.    Don Rickles

Don Rickles

Don Rickles better knew as Donald Don, has been a recognized author, comedian, and actor. He earned fame from insult comic, thus becoming one of the best comedians of all time in the genre. He has hosted various shows and also appeared as guests in numerous comedy and guest shows. Some of his epic appearances include The Tonight Show, Late Show with David Letterman, and The Dean Martin Show.


16.    Lewis Black

Lewis Black

Lewis Black came into limelight after hosting the comedy series called ‘Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil’. It was a noteworthy comedy show and was a part of the comedy series of Comedy Central. The style in which he hosted the show, was appreciated by masses, and since then, the audience started to take an interest in his comedy shows. He occupies the 16th position on the list.


17.    Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

He is a veteran featuring on this list. Ricky Gervais was a leading comedian of his time. Furthermore, he even performed extraordinarily in fields like music and acting. He started his career as a musician and soon emerged as a pop star. During the 1980s, he took the role of the manager but eventually decided to do comedy.


18.    Steven Wright

Steven Wright

Steven Wright occupies the 18th position on the list. His full name was Steven Alexander Wright. He won Academy Award and Primetime Emmy Awards twice for his excellent performance as a comedian.


19.    William Melvin Bill Hicks


Born in America, William Melvin Bill Hicks became well known as a musician and satirist. His vast knowledge of various subjects like politics, philosophy, and religion helped him to criticize mediocrity, banality, and consumerism in a comic style. He holds 19th position in the best all-time stand-up comedian’s list.


20.    Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey is a well-known actor, producer, and comedian. Born in Canada, Jim got his first opportunity to perform in Toronto Comedy Club. He was splendid in his comedy work. He did not restrict himself only to comedy; he turned to acting and took part in various movies, such as Dumb and Dumber, Bruce Almighty, and The Mask.


21.    Redd Foxx


Next up in the list is Redd Foxx. Born in America, he emerged as a famous actor-comedian. He is known for his significant comedy roles in shows, along with his incredible performance in the film such as ‘Sanford and Son. He was rightly called the ‘King of the Party Records.’


Now that you know the names of the world’s great stand-up comedians, start exploring them today!


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