Why choosing an agency to carry out an executive search can save a company

Why choosing an agency to carry out an executive search can save a company

It’s a beautiful day as you complete your round of golf with some friends in the business community. You can relax in the clubhouse and even allow yourself a wry smile as you listen to some of their issues, having got yourself out of a far larger hole than the 18 that you have just navigated.

Basically, the retirement of a wonderful member of the team who had been with the company for many years, progressing from an office temp to senior management led to a huge gap, both in terms of knowledge and experience. The wheels were beginning to come off.

There was nobody among the employees ready to move up to such a prominent position, so you made a great decision by going to a professional company which offered the best executive search Bangkok could provide, which has paid off for 5 important reasons.

  1. The situation could have turned very serious in no time at all, so it was imperative to find someone to fill the position as quickly as possible. You made the correct judgement that it was too important a task to let your IT team advertise the position, as you wanted it to remain out of the public domain and not to waste time.
  2. You wanted someone who was perfectly suited for the position, who would bring in the same qualities that you were depleted with when your old stalwart headed off. It is a serious role and one that required the utmost professionalism, both from a recruitment perspective and from the perfect candidate. Ideally, someone who knew which legal forms to choose while incorporating a company.
  3. By bringing in the right executive brought to you by the expert recruitment agency, it has enabled for you to sit down and discuss a new strategy and to freshen up a few ideas to replace slightly stale thinking. A new set of eyes has changed your entire outlook, and this was only possible by dealing with professionals who had a worldwide network at their disposal to offer you the right person for the demanding vacancy.
  4. Because the previous holder of the post had been with your company for so long, with a bespoke position, it was difficult for you to know what salary to offer and what terms and conditions might attract the right candidate. Working with the agency with several decades years of experience solves these issues. It allowed for you to spend time on a great golf course.
  5. The agency also specialised in screening, background checks, and the profiling of candidates. These would have been time-consuming jobs, which are easy to get wrong, while you knew that the professionals would deliver.

You can give yourself a pat on the back for finding the perfect solution to a potentially disastrous situation. A search for an executive is not easy, but it proved so by enlisting the assistance of an experienced agency who soon got your company back on the right path.