Why Do You Need a Lawn Service When Your Grass is Dormant

Why Do You Need a Lawn Service When Your Grass is Dormant?

Your lawn can look pretty devoid of life in the depths of winter. With snow covering the ground and not a blade of grass in sight, it seems like there’s no need to invest in a lawn service – after all, nothing is growing. But if you think that skipping out on a lawn care routine when your grass is dormant will save you money in the long run, think again. While neglecting your yard during this period may be tempting, it’s important to remember why investing in a lawn service is necessary even when things are looking desolate outdoors. Read on for an exploration into why hiring Greener Grass lawn care in Akron, OH can help turn a neglected piece of property into one inviting visitors inside.

Dormant Grass Isn’t Dead Grass

Contrary to popular belief, dormant grass does not always mean dead grass. During the winter, lawns enter a natural hibernation as grass blades slow their growth in response to cold temperatures and shorter days. While your lawn will remain seemingly frozen during this period, it will require occasional attention from lawn service to ensure that it is kept healthy and vibrant during the growing season. Such attention includes removing debris, checking for soil compaction, fertilizing when necessary, and providing specialized treatments for pesky bugs.

To Maintain Your Lawn’s Health

A professional lawn service can help maintain your lawn’s health and continue to nurture its overall appearance. Despite seasonality, the right team can provide services that protect your property from damage and remove debris that will compromise the integrity of your outdoor space. Through weeding and fertilizing, they can easily extend the growing season and ensure optimal growth when spring rolls in. Knowledge and experience also matter when a team is servicing your property, as they can diagnose any issues related to soil health or lack of moisture.

To Aerate Your Lawn

Having a professional team come in and aerate your lawn can help get it in top shape again. By aerating, water and nutrients will be able to penetrate deeper into the soil and revive your lawn for future growth. Over time, compacted soil can lead to dead patches where nothing seems to grow; this technique helps revitalize that area. With the help of a lawn service, that dead patch will soon turn into a luscious grassy meadow full of vitality.

Prevent Pests

With winter comes the threat of pests like moles, who can tunnel through your yard in search of food or shelter. While you may not see moles, their presence can disrupt soil structure and harm grassroots. Hiring a good lawn care service to combat these types of intruders can protect your turf and ensure its health going into the warmer months when it will be ready to wake up again.

To Mow the Lawn

While many assume that waiting until spring to mow the lawn is an adequate solution, hiring a professional lawn service will ensure that your grass stays healthy and lush when the weather begins to warm up. A professional service will mow the lawn at an appropriate height for winter temperatures, allowing your grass to remain healthy and ready for growth as soon as possible. They are also able to properly remove any leaves, twigs, or other debris that can collect during this time of year, preventing them from damaging your grass, and using special tools, they can even help prepare your soil for fertilizer once it warms up.

Maintain Your Property Value

A lawn service can help maintain its health and often, as a result, your property value too. Your lawn is one of the main contributors to curb appeal, and maintaining it through landscaping, trimming shrubs, or mulching beds, can make a huge difference to the overall impression your home gives. Not only will it be visibly attractive, but it will also reflect the upkeep of the property that potential buyers will likely value.

Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

After a long winter, you’ll want to get the most out of your yard come spring. Hiring a lawn service in the winter months keeps up with regular maintenance and helps prepare your lawn for what’s ahead. These professionals use their expertise to address drying soil and grime build-up due to salt and debris accumulating during colder months, restoring your lawn with aeration, dethatching, and over-seeding – essential services if you want to see lush results in springtime.

Wintertime is often dreaded for its cold weather and snow, but with the dormant grass season, it can be an incredibly useful time to hire a lawn care service. With professionals caring for your yard, you can enjoy bright green grass in the spring while saving valuable time and energy.