Why End Of Year Car Deals Are The Best

Why End Of Year Car Deals Are The Best?

Both new and used cars are better to buy in late December. Here we explain why.

There is no secret that special car deals come at the end of the year. As we are here having already started decorating homes for Christmas, searching for “Cars for sale near me” makes the most sense.

The week between Christmas and New Year is when the big push happens both for the manufacturers and dealerships. Everybody has set goals for the year and the last week is when everybody makes the hardest effort for reaching those goals.

Why End Of Year Car Deals Are The Best 2

5 Reasons Why To Look For Cars For Sale Nearby on December

  1. The end of the 2022 model year means car dealers do their best to sell vehicles before the beginning of 2023. Yet, keep in mind that a lot of beloved models won’t come with discounts due to this year’s shortage of cars.
  2. Sellers and dealers are trying hard to make their year-end goals happen. So the loss from some last deals is not comparable to the potential bonus.
  3. Weeks before the New Year are known to be a luxury car sales top. And as many luxury buyers choose a 3-year car lease contract, the cycle of getting new vehicles at the end of the year for special discounts is inevitable.
  4. December and January are about winter holidays and family trips.  So there are many tempting car promotions based on that.
  5. For some time after the festive uplift, sales naturally go down, and salespeople realize they need to encourage buyers before that time.

Festive discounts are coming back. But one more factor is Interest Rates. If you are financing the purchase of your vehicle like 86% of people do worldwide, the dilemma is: Should I buy now while interest rates are lower than they would become on December 29? Plus, new vs used vehicle factor. Maybe you can get the manufacturer incentive interest rate, with a used model it will be another scenario, etc. How to deal with all the nuances and not lose your head in all that stress?

Why End Of Year Car Deals Are The Best 3

The answer is to try to project what you believe the extra budget savings would be off the price, and how that is going to impact the outcome. If today you are going to finance 40 thousand USD what would that payment be for 4-5 years?

Figure out which deal is going to save you the most money. Check findacar.today for more!

Good luck with your Cars-for-sale-near-me journey!