Why Every Runner Should Have a Custom Marathon T-Shirt

Whether you are a fun runner or an endurance monster. Whether you run for a cause or for a community event, whether planning to run your first Marathon or to promote running this season. Whether you are in a running club or own your own running store.

There are tons of running events happening throughout the year, and a lot many new runners are encouraged to enter the race every year. But what is that one thing which can differentiate them from others? That is their apparel, the T-shirts or tracksuits they wear while running. Yes, the runner’s apparel is most appealing and if you notice seeing them more and more people get encouraged to run every year.

Whether you’re a part of a running club, own your own running store, or are running to promote a local race. You can customise your marathon T-shirt or apparel with your choice of design, logo, slogan, etc.

Here are some reasons why every runner should have a custom Marathon T-shirt:

• They bring a sense of unity and uniformity. Having a customised Marathon T-shirt gives a sense of uniformity to the runners. It helps keep runners and groups intact. Because when you run marathon whether for the first time or regularly you mostly don’t know everybody, but the same custom marathon T-shirt you will wear will help associated with the group. These T-shirts help bring the community together.

• They help promote a common message. When runners wear customised marathon apparel or custom marathon T-shirts for any cause, for an instance; Pinkathon, it is India’s Biggest Women’s run founded by Milind Soman and Reema Sanghavi. The objective behind starting Pinkathon was purely spreading awareness about women’s health-related issues, particularly breast cancer.

Custom Marathon T-shirts worn by runners help encourage masses to adopt health and fitness in their daily lifestyle. The message reaches people in general, and if not all even if few can change their lifestyle the purpose of Marathon is solved to an extent.

Picture courtesy – The Better India

  • • They help promote cause or group or a brand. Wearing a custom marathon T-shirt helps you promote your group, community, or the cause you are running for. Custom marathon T-shirts or custom marathon apparels are the easiest and simplest way of promoting your brand or your run group among the people. And like that, you may get more and more people associating with your group.
  • • They work as a conversation starter. Wearing a custom marathon T-shirt works as a conversation starter or initiator. For instance, if you have participated in some race all alone, surely you will not be alone as your custom T-shirt will work as a conversation starter. Wearing a custom T-shirt will allow you to start a conversation with other fellow runners. It gives you the ease of breaking conversation or breaking the ice with other fellow runners.
  • • They work as a keepsake. If you are running for the first time then surely your custom marathon T-shirt will work as a memory of your first race for the lifetime. You will never need to memorise when you ran your first race as your custom T-shirt will have every detail on it.

Here are some tips while designing your custom marathon T-shirt for your next run:

1. First thing first, spend time and effort to design your logo. Do a lot of research before you finalise one.

2. Spend in quality material or fabric of a T-shirt. Yes, you have an opportunity to go for a mediocre type of cloth but then it is about you as a brand. The quality of the T-shirt will speak about your values and your event in total, and also will make your participants happy.

3. Design your logo relevant to your cause or your group. Your logo and your tagline or slogan should match with the cause you are running for.

4. Create an enchanting and captivating logo, which people can relate easily.

5. The color of the marathon T-shirt should go well with the color of your group.

6. Slogan or tagline or message which you will use, make sure it is motivating, short and memorable. It should click others.

7. If someone or some brand is sponsoring your run, do not miss to print their logos on the custom marathon T-shirt. It is their way of marketing and they are sponsoring your event for that only.

8. If you have many sponsors then make sure that all of the logos are appearing properly and neatly. If they are arranged haphazardly on your custom marathon T-shirt they not only look ugly but also will not benefit anybody.

9. Let your custom marathon T-shirt have something unique, something different which will be easy for people to remember. For that, you can include something on the custom marathon T-shirt that will differentiate you from other races. Or you can use some slogan which is easy to memorise.

10. Don’t do something usual which everybody is doing, think out of the box and make a difference.

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