Why is Romania a Good Option for Hiring a Dedicated Software Team

Why is Romania a Good Option for Hiring a Dedicated Software Team?

Software development demand is on the rise—and will be so indefinitely. Companies understand the importance of hiring dedicated engineering and software development teams—this improves overall productivity and streamlines the technological lines of the business. Now, is it a good choice to hire dedicated developers in Romania?

In this article, we will explore engineering teams in Romania, the nuances of the software development industry in the country, and the steps needed to simplify the processes of hiring a Romanian software developer.

Software Development: Hire Dedicated Developers in Romania

Romania has the third-highest number of versatile IT specialists worldwide and is a hub for software developers. Only Poland and Ukraine stand taller than Romania in the European Union, with 430,000 and 290,000 IT specialists. Romania has over 90,000 IT specialists.

Romania borders seven EU nations; hence, it has a slight time difference. The country, however, has a significant time difference from the United States. However, the time difference issue is something a company in the United States has to contend with for the significantly cheaper hourly rates of Romanian software developers compared to developers in the US.

Romania is in the top 20 countries with the most skilled developers and produces over 7000 IT graduates annually. With over 19.2 million people and $36,662 per capita income, the IT sector produces a sizable amount of Romanian yearly revenue.

Software development in Eastern Europe country grows at an incredible pace. Romania’s IT sector increases by 14.3% annually, and its 3 billion euro IT revenue contributes to 6% of the country’s GDP.

Average Income of a Romanian Software Developer

Before you hire a dedicated development team, you need to consider how much each engineer at different levels would charge per year or hourly. Romanian software developers earn anywhere from $19,000 to $55,000 per year, depending on their expert level.

Yearly Income of IT Specialist in Romania

Romanian dedicated development team: Junior Developers: $19,000 per year or $1,600 per month. A junior developer in Romania can charge anywhere from $5 per hour to $10 per hour. A senior developer in Romania can earn anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour.

Note: This figure only measures the median value across many IT niches and does not include benefits. Romanian IT specialists may require certain other benefits, from bonuses to equity, travel benefits, and equipment. Your arrangement with your IT specialist will depend on the workflow, the nature of the job required, and the type of software developer you want to hire.

Also, software development is a broad-based term. We have Laravel, Flutter, React, Vue, Angular, and Javascript developers and experts. We have cross-platform developers, backend, and frontend experts. There are tons of framework experts and developers that can work with multiple programming languages. What role will your developer play? What programs will they work with? Are they building an Android or iOS application or a smart contract? The nuances of your project may determine what each developer will request; however, a base knowledge of what these IT experts in Romania charge generally is a good negotiation point. By the way, If you are interested in hiring in some other country, Canada, for example, you can enrich your knowledge and proceed by reading this article.

IT Hubs in Romania


Bucharest is a fast-growing tech hub in Romania and all of Europe. It’s a choice location if you want to hire a dedicated development team. Bucharest shares close ties with Western values and language. Looking to set up an Offshore IT company in Romania, Bucharest may be your best choice.


Iasi is Romania’s second largest city and also an excellent choice for setting up an offshore IT site. Iasi has five public and two private universities and connects with more than 22 Western Europe cities through its airport. Other hubs in Romania include Timisoara—the major Romanian tech educational hub, with more than 98% of the software development specialists fluent in English. Cluj-Napoca is the last on this list but certainly not the least when it comes to dedicated development team Romania.


When you want to hire dedicated developers in Romania, there are certain factors you need to consider, some of which are language, rate, proximity to Western European countries, and expertise. You should consider the expert level of the team you want to hire, especially their framework knowledge, expertise with programming languages, and many more.