Why New South Wales Is A Great Place To Raise Kids!

New South Wales is a great place to raise kids! If you are searching for a region of Australia to settle down with your young family in, look no further! Sydney is arguably the country’s most beautiful and exciting city with a wealth of educational, business, and cultural opportunities. You have access to some of the most beautiful beaches and unique marine environments in the world, as well as expansive national parks inland that feature a treasure trove of flora and fauna that can only be found in Australia, making it a nature lover’s paradise. Wherever you go in New South Wales you will find friendly, laid-back people who help make life so much easier, it’s a great community to belong to!

If you have younger children, there are plenty of educational resources like caring, learning centred preschool for 3 year olds , as well as wonderful schools for children of all ages, all the way to the universities, which are acclaimed as being among the world’s finest.

Recently several families from other parts of the world who settled in New South Wales were asked their opinions on life here, and they were overwhelmingly positive! The following is a condensed summary of just a few of their comments!

Weather – The weather is wonderful, if you can let your kids play outside all year long wearing a jumper, then you are very fortunate indeed! No more long, freezing winters where the kids sit gloomily looking out the frosty windows wishing for spring to come! The only thing that was a bit hard to get used to at first was waiting for Santa Claus to come in the heat of summer, but now the Christmas lights in the palm trees fill our hearts with joy just as much as those strewn-on pine trees used to! Our kids love to swim, and being able to do so almost all year long was the cause of great celebration!

Beaches – Speaking of swimming, many families came from countries where the water is frigidly chill even in the height of summer, only the polar bears dared go in above their ankles! Now we can head out for a day at the beach and frolic in the water all day long, it’s almost always warm enough for a refreshing swim! Moreover, the kids have all taken up watersports that were unavailable back in the old country, like surfing and snorkelling! When our teenager sent his old friend’s video of him on the surfboard I guarantee you they turned green with envy!

Parks – We have never seen so many parks in our life, they are practically around every corner, and every city and town has a bunch to choose from! The national parks are especially interesting and exciting, not only do they provide plenty of areas for social and recreational use, they are also home to fascinating heritage sites and Aboriginal culture along with some of the most fantastic natural beauty anywhere!

So, if we haven’t convinced you as to how great life is down under in New South Wales, why not come have a look for yourself? We will wager you like it so much you will never leave!