Why Portable Monitors for Laptops are Best for Photographers

Why Portable Monitors for Laptops are Best for Photographers

Laptops are one of the brilliant inventions of the world because they let you work from anywhere you want. You don’t have to bring all the cables and connections with you all the time. As a photographer, you must travel here and there all the time and need your laptop, too, for editing and other work.

To make your hectic life easier, the Duex Plus portable monitor for laptops by Mobile Pixels provides you with some worth investing solutions. Portable monitors give extra screens to work without hassle, especially during your photography journey.

Whether you are a new or experienced photographer, purchasing a monitor is one of the most important decisions because taking pictures from your camera is only half the process. The other half procedure is editing which can only be done when you have a monitor. This work can become easier if you have a portable monitor for your laptop.

There are many reasons why portable monitors are best for a photographer. Please keep reading to know about them.

Why Photographers Should Choose Portable Monitors for a Laptop

If you are looking for a monitor that gives you an amazing experience while working and in which you can edit photos and videos, then make sure you invest in one that is more responsive and has all the other features.

With the help of portable monitors, you don’t have to switch from tab to tab and waste a lot of your time. But you can do all the work at the same time. For that amazing and hassle-free experience, the following features are necessary to achieve your goal of perfect editing and animation:

Size and Weight:

Since photography is all about traveling here and there with all your equipment, portable monitors make sure to minimize your burden with their compact and portable size. They are extremely lightweight, and you can carry them anywhere.

The screen of portable monitors is around 15-17 inches which can expand your screen, and you can work more efficiently.


As a photographer, you have to focus on every little detail of a picture to edit it perfectly. It would be best if you had a high-resolution screen that gives you much clarity and focuses so that you don’t have to constantly maximize or zoom in on your screen.

For these reasons, portable monitors solve your problems because they have a high resolution of almost 4k at reasonable prices to make your editing experience more worthwhile.


Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio can give you a clearer vision of all the colors. This feature of portable monitors makes the picture more realistic and natural. With a higher contrast ratio, portable monitors can display photos with more luminance range. This can make your photos sharper, and you can look into the details with focus and concentration.


In this world of technology, nobody wants to carry a whole setup of monitors and desktops with them everywhere. Portable monitors are here to solve this problem as they come with a USB-C-type cable. You don’t have to connect these screens with many cables now.

To make your life hassle-free, these USB-C-type cables are here for you. They also come up with a built-in rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about charging during your photo editing.

Perfect Panel

One of the essential features of portable monitors is their panel. Portable monitors make sure to provide a perfect panel which is an IPS panel. IPS panel is one of the highly recommended ones and gives you a perfect editing experience.

They allow you to adjust color shifting and produce color consistency as well. These features are essential for a photographer to maintain the color integrity of the photographs.

Final Thoughts

If you are a photographer and want to make your editing experience better, then a portable monitor extender is your perfect option. It can instantly transform your single-screen laptop into multiple screens, making editing more efficient and easy without any extra cable connections.

We hope this article will help you find a suitable portable screen for your laptop with all the features mentioned above that can make your photography journey even better.