Spanish-style homes

Why Spanish-style homes will never go out of style

The Spanish home design is known for being warm, rustic, and unique compared to more traditional architectural styles around the country. Extremely popular and prevalent in warmer regions, these majestic houses are designed for cross-ventilation and airflow to keep you cool during those summer months.

First originating in the 1600s, this classic – but unique – architectural style has now become commonplace in American society, giving Colonial, Tudor, and Victorian designs a run for their money. Gaining inspiration from European homes across the pond, this type of housing design brought a much-needed revival to the stagnant architecture in America.

With classic styling that features beautiful arches and terracotta roofs, there are many reasons why Spanish homes will never go out of style, reach out Geoffrey Moore to find homes for sale.

Origin of Spanish Style Homes

The Spanish-style home design you see today has been the byproduct of numerous centuries-worth of evolution. The Spanish homes took certain characteristics from the Spanish colonial architecture built in the 1600s, morphing this style with new-age modernism.

In addition, Spain is known for its sunny weather, white-sand beaches, and hot, dry summers. This means that Spanish-style homes are especially prevalent in hot and humid American climates, like Florida, California, and Arizona.

Spanish Style Homes Are Timeless

What features make Spanish-style homes?

Certain characteristics in the styling and architectural design turn a boring house into a Spanish-style home. Spanish features are easy to identify since the styling is unique and intricate.

Identifiable features of Spanish homes

Although these features can change based on their region, there are identifiable characteristics that will forever stick:

  • Terracotta roofs
  • Small and narrow windows
  • Courtyards and balconies with tiling
  • Exposed wooden beams
  • Arches on doorways and main windows
  • Exterior stucco walls
  • White or pastel exterior colors

Why Spanish Style Homes Are Timeless

If you have recently purchased a Spanish-style home and are wondering if your home’s resale value will hold in the upcoming years, don’t fret – Spanish architecture in modern-day communities has only risen in popularity. Spanish-style homes have endured for centuries and are projected to continue their reign of supremacy in the upcoming decades. Here’s why:

Cooling mechanism

Spanish-style homes have a natural and built-in cooling factor that makes them the smartest home type for hot-weather climates.

Reminiscent of American heritage

Spanish-style homes are now indigenous to our contemporary world, becoming a key part of American society and heritage. Just like Mid Century Modern homes are ‘traditional’ homes for Americans, Spanish-style homes have cemented their place in architectural history.

Spanish influence on culture

In the early 1900s, a Spanish revival was the catalyst for a new influence on American culture. Spanish-style homes made a comeback in popularity and acceptance, soon turning into the go-to style for many communities around the country.


Just like any trend, architecture changes over time. However, one thing can be certain – Spanish-style homes are a timeless architectural design that will never go out of favor in American society. With intricate details, beautiful arches, terracotta roofs, and Spanish-influenced features, this home design is sure to stick around for many more decades.