William Lancelot Bowles iii

William Lancelot Bowles iii-A brief history

Phylicia Rashad, an accomplished theater director and actress, was married to William Lancelot Bowles Jr., a prominent wealthy heir. Williamlancelot bowles iii is their son.

Famous Parents

William Lancelot Bowles III is the son of Phylicia Rashad and William Lancelot Bowles Jr. He was born in 1973 but details about the year, month, and calendar date are unknown, as well as his education and early life history. William Lancelot (Billy) Bowles Jr. is a novelist and screenwriter who wrote for Nickelodeon’s pre-school show, Dora the Explorer. His father has been recognized with a number of awards and nominations for his work in literature and film.

Billy Bowles has become famous because of his mother, who has been through several marriages and divorces, as well as numerous scandals. Billy Bowles’s mother is a stage director, singer and actress, who is also well-known for playing Clair Huxtable on NBC’s The Cosby Show..

william lancelot bowles iii Personal Life

There is no information about William’s marital status, or whether he has a girlfriend. It’s also unknown how tall he is or what his net worth is. William has been ranked by some publications as one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors and by others as having the best celebrity genes in the business.

william lancelot bowles iii Net worth

William Lancelot Bowles’ net worth is unclear. However, his mother, Phylicia Rashad, is speculated to have a net worth of $25 million. For her contributions to the arts, Rashad has received honorary doctorates from Brown University and Spelman College.