For one to increase the glamour quotient in any house, it is mandatory to have the best interiors. The perfect interiors consist of the right furniture, curtains and even the wallpaper, to bring out the desired look.

There are different types of accessories available to provide this same effect in the windows as well, and they include curtains, shutters, shades and blinds.

The different types of window blinds are indoor rollers, vertical blinds, knockout blinds and motorised blinds; when one combines them with the perfect design and colour, it adds to the aesthetics of any room. There are even custom blinds available in Australia that cater to the specific needs of the user. Custom blinds utilise the latest materials and smart technology for premium results.

Blinds play a huge role not only in the aesthetics but also in ensuring the privacy and controlling the light that enters a room. It is more about convenience and ease by which these blinds operate that is a deciding factor. This article talks about some popular blinds that are available in Australia.

Roller blinds:

They consist of stainless steel chains and sealed edges and are available in a variety of colours and shapes. One can roll them up and down according to their preference to control the amount of light in a room. The facility for custom blinds provides an opportunity for the addition of contemporary and classic decor to roller blinds to suit every household in Australia.

There is also a silent motorised roller blind available in Australia, and as the name suggests, it is mechanised and soundless in function.

Roman blinds:

These tend to pleat when they are drawn, as the string pulls the slats together, which causes the fabric to form into pleats when it is lifted. In most cases, the materials used include silk, cotton or linen. They offer excellent insulation and can either be combined with a curtain or can even be used alone.

Pleated blinds:

It is similar to the structure of a honeycomb with hexagonal cells joint at the topmost point of the blind. The cells flatten when raised, and the air locked in the pockets of the section provides the perfect insulation. It is the best option for those who favour a brightly lit room.

It is also one of the most preferred types of blinds in Australia as it can provide a stylish and sleek look to any room
Innovations in this area have brought about a unique pleat system which eliminates sagging and ensures lifelong sustainability in the blinds. There are also custom blinds available in this model in which most of them can have printed designs and heat-reflecting fabrics or reversible fabrics.

Cellular blinds:

They are also known as honeycomb shades which provide absolute privacy as well as insulate the windows to reduce energy usage. The wrapped hot air creates a barrier between the surface of the window and the room to reduce the transfer of heat. It is why they work perfectly well in cooler areas.

Moreover, it is easy to clean a cellular blind, with a light feather duster or a soft brush. These blinds are also cost-effective and do not require much in the form of maintenance.


There are many types of blinds which provide the perfect homely feel to every household. Requirements in blinds change from person to person. Therefore, the choice for custom blinds in Australia is suitable to users in terms of the varieties that they are available in, catering to every need.

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