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Working From Home? Here’s a List of What You Need to Have


With the situation the world is in, many are forced to work from home. For most of us, it’s great news that we get to keep our work and spend more time with the family. If this is your first time to work from home, then you need to have the right equipment and workspace. If you are not sure what to get yet, then check out this list of gear you need to have so you can have a productive workspace.

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#1 Monitor

An external monitor is the best addition you can have to your workspace at home. There are a lot of monitor types available in the market that are not painful on the budget. Great brand recommendations include Dell and HP. If your budget permits it, an Apple monitor is also a great choice, particularly if your work involves graphic designing and web designing.

#2 Keyboard

For standard PCs, an external keyboard is a must. But, if you have a laptop, you may think that you don’t really need an extra keyboard. For a few hours, yes, you can definitely work comfortably using solely your laptop. But, laptops are small and you will eventually notice that you are experiencing backaches more often. With an external keyboard, you can achieve your comfortable position without compromising your work.

#3 Webcam

Since meetings are now held online, then having a webcam is a must. It’s essential gear so you can talk to your colleagues properly and clearly. You can also use it to communicate with other people when not working. You can call your friends and relatives to check on them. Seeing them from time to time can really help us during these trying times. Being able to see them, even when not in person, can keep us close.

#4 Mouse

Of course, we are going to need a mouse to navigate our computer. While it’s better to get a mouse from a reliable brand, such as Razer and Logitech, there are also other not-so-famous brands that function well. A great thing about this device is that it comes in many different types. There are the traditional ones that you connect to your computer, there are those that you can easily plug to your laptop through a USB cable, and there are those that are wireless. With all these types available, you will surely find the one you are most comfortable with.

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#5 Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are the best way to listen to not just awesome tunes, but when you are talking to another person online as well, such as in Skype, Zoom, and Facebook Messenger. It is even more useful when you have to hold meetings and talk to customers directly. There are also wireless headphones with noise-canceling features. These headphones are convenient so you can move around even when talking to the other line.

#6 Speaker

If you don’t need to talk to other people online, then a speaker is also great to have. For many people, listening to music on a high volume can keep them relaxed and focused on work. If you are among these people, then having a speaker can help you work effectively.

#7 To-do-list App

When you work from home, it can be a challenge to stay organized. Having a to-do-list app allows you to stay focused on a task and get it done at a specific time. Staying organized is helpful in keeping your stress levels at bay. By finishing everything within your working hours, you get to relax for the rest of the day.

#8 Standing Desk

A standing desk allows you to work properly and comfortably. Working from home may mean you get to choose whatever to wear, but you still need to have a working station. With a standing desk, you can raise it to your desired level so you can work in your most comfortable position.

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#9 Music Service

It’s most likely that you already have a favorite music service. It’s finally time that you get to really use it. If you’d like, you can check other selections. Giant players like Spotify and Apple Music offer free trials so you can try them out first before paying for it. There are other options out there, simply look for them on the internet. Another great recommendation is YouTube. You can find countless playlists there and surely, you will find the songs that fit your current mood.

#10 Website Blocker

A website blocker is a great addition if you want to focus better on your work. It blocks websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is easier to get tempted or distracted when working from home. So, a website blocker can be your ally to ensure that you remain productive for the rest of the day.