Luxury Dive Holiday In Phuket

Your Luxury Dive Holiday In Phuket

You love to scuba dive, and are looking to go some-place exotic for your next excursion, but also want to make this the luxury holiday you’ve always desired, so the usual busy beach-side bungalow or seaside hotel that has left its better days long behind just aren’t going to cut it. You need to pick a destination that offers comfort on the land and adventure beneath the waves. Well, we know just the place- Phuket Thailand! The island of Phuket in the Andaman Sea features the best of everything, a vibrant nightlife, miles of beautiful beaches, and world-class diving.

Your Luxury Lodgings – Since this trip requires a touch of opulence, the reward for all your hard work saving up for it, the best possible answer is to book your stay in the best villas in Phuket! These villas have everything you need for a luxurious sojourn. Spacious private and public rooms for you and your dive buddies, a private pool to test out any new gear in (or just enjoy a refreshing midnight dip under the stars!), plus splendid views of the shimmering sapphire sea, and lush verdancy of Phuket’s emerald mountains. Imagine having sumptuous meals created by your own personal chef and served with colourful cocktails (little parasols optional) by your charming staff while you share the amazing experiences of the day’s diving in an atmosphere of exclusive elegance! Thailand is known the world over as a premiere holiday destination, and Phuket is one of the glittering jewels in that beauteous crown.

The Diving – If you can manage to tear yourself away from your enchanting villa, it’s time to see what’s under the surface of Phuket’s pristine Andaman seas. Those seas are comfortably warm, the Andaman’s year-round temperature ranges between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius, and never falls below 25 degrees, so wearing a light wetsuit, or even going without one are viable choices. While diving in Phuket is fantastic, it is not accessible from the beach, so you are going to need to hire a boat, preferably with an experienced skipper who has extensive dive knowledge. Hiring a local dive guide will help ensure you have the best experience possible, they are going to know all the ‘secret spots’ and can deliver you to the awesome undersea experience you are dreaming of. In general, visibility is good, for the most part in the 20-30m range, although it can vary from place to place. Consult with your dive guide for that season’s best. Phuket features some of the most gorgeous corals in the world, with over 200 hard coral species, and an ever-changing number of soft corals! The icing on that cake is the over 100 species of reef fishes that reside in this incredible underwater ecosystem.

It’s important to note that Thailand is a very safe country to travel in, but nevertheless, the government urges us to be alert, so humour them.  We hope you enjoy your luxury dive holiday in amazing Phuket!