YouTube Music is Keeping Pace with Spotify by Offering Real-Time Lyrics

YouTube Music is Keeping Pace with Spotify by Offering Real-Time Lyrics

Over the years, there has been a silent competition among the different online music streaming apps. Each releases a new feature as a promo option to help push musicians to the top of the music streaming app charts. YouTube Music, however, was one of the few to lag in releasing new features. The Google-owned music app lacked many features that other streaming apps had. One of which is the “sing along with lyrics” option.

Spotify already had this feature running on their mobile app since 2021. They also made a more advanced update to the real-time singing feature in 2022 called the “karaoke mood.” Spotify’s Karaoke mode allows you to sing the lyrics along and do that without the artist’s voice. The instrumental of the song would keep playing as you sang along to it.

Recently, however, YouTube Music stepped up the game by releasing an improved and updated version of its real-time lyrics. This new update is set to improve the experience of all YouTube Music users. The exciting news was shared by 9to5 Google, which announced the new update.

Seamless sing-along mode that sync with lyrics 

Users can now see and sing along to the lyrics of their favorite songs on the app as it plays or streams. The new feature has a little setback, though, because it is not available to all users of the YouTube Music app. It is available to a select few based on the account they use on the mobile app for YouTube Music.

Some of its users first noticed this new update on Reddit on the YouTube music app. The update is a much-welcomed and long-anticipated improvement from what it used to be. Before, the app did not blur the parts of the lyrics that were not the line the artist was singing. It projected it like a wall full of writing, and you had to scroll through it and follow it with your eyes or fingers. The stress of having to do that turned a lot of users off since other apps have the blur option.

Activate blur on the sing-along mode

The YouTube Music app can now blur out parts of the lyrics that are not in focus. Music and lyrics now flow simultaneously. This makes for a more seamless and enjoyable experience for YouTube music lovers. It translates into over forty languages and works with official and user-created music videos. Musixmatch, an online lyrics database, handles powering the lyrics.

YouTube Music hopes this improved feature will help it keep up with Spotify and other music streaming services. Yet, they still have a long way to go with real-time lyrics before they can match up to Spotify’s Karaoke mode. That is asides from other modifications and updates that the app needs to undergo. In the interim, YouTube Music gives users a more interactive way to experience the music they love.