Yuri on Ice series
Yuri on Ice series

Yuri on Ice season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

One of the most loved animation series is Yuri on Ice. It is a rare animation that involves an ice sporting drama with awesome choreography. What makes each viewer admire to have season 2 released is the choreography accompanied by Victor and Yuri’s relationship.

What makes it a unique series is the portrayal of same-sex relationships. Sayo Yamamoto created it, and Mitsuro Kubo hence rated among the best anime in Japan. Yamamoto is known for producing high-quality animations and is also responsible for directing the anime series

The story is all about skaters who do figure skating. Fans are still waiting for the second season because the first wasn’t concluded. Season 1 aired between 6th October 2016 and 22nd December 2016. Expectations of having the second season soonest were very high.

There have been delays in renewing the second season because of some reasons.  One of the reasons is that the studio has focused on another Yuri feature flick by Ice Adolescence. What gives more hope for the second season is the ratings that the first season acquired. Below is more about the second.  

Release date of Yuri on Ice season 2

Unfortunately, we may have more waiting time for Yuri on Ice season 2 because of Yuri’s ongoing project. We are hoping there will be more information provided about its release once the upcoming film is released. Mappa, who is the official producer of the series, will give official communication about the second series not long from now.

As per the series’s sources, there is hope in having the second season either in late 2021 or early 2022. Official communication from the maker will reveal the specific day of the release and the second season’s current progress.

The plot of Yuri on Ice season 2

The film was first declared in 2017, with its release beginning in 2019—the postponement of the release to an unknown date. Although the season is not well revived, the plotline of the season remains in suspense. 

The show is also airing without any manga novel, which could help in determining what comes next. The best information can be best gathered from the scriptwriter. However, with a few facts from the first season, we can get some information about the second season.

The upcoming season will be a continuation of the first season. It will be composed of drama and skating competitions. Different regions may participate in the contest as there will be more drama in the skaters.

 The influence of what will happen in the film will be a great determinant of the second season’s events. Although questions about the plot seem too difficult to answer, the second season is expected to focus on what happens in the love of the same sex.

We will also get to know what happens when the skaters go to the next level. However, we shall wait for more communication from the makers. The resemblance of the second season may have slight differences from the first season.

The cast of Yuri on Ice season 2

Yuri on Ice
Yuri on Ice

Although the series’s makers don’t confirm the information we have, chances are very high that the same characters of the first season will feature in the second season. New faces may also arrive in the second season, depending on the plotline. 

The first season characters include Hiroko, Minako, Kenjiouru, Hisashi, Yurri, Nobuari, Toshiya, Yuuto, and many others. It is expected that each one of them will assume the same role in the second season.

The animation will have similar scenes as those in the first season. The characters in the second season are expected to be bolder than in the first season.

Updates on season 2

The only update we have so far is that the second season may take a little longer because of the under-making. We hope that we shall have frequent updates concerning the film in the making, and when the process of season 2 begins, we shall have an update too.

As to the plot, storyline, cast, and characters, we are still waiting for an official update from the makers. It would be best if you, therefore, remained in touch, for we shall update you as soon as we get the facts,

Season 2 trailer

There is no official trailer for Yuri on Ice season 2. The promotion is therefore awaiting the updates on the second season. We shall also provide an update once the trailer is released. 


The entangled relationship of the skaters is one thing that keeps the viewers interested. Season 2 seems to have more drama, especially in relationships and competition. We are still hoping the second season will be released soon and an update provided soon. 

Our work is to ensure we give you the updates as soon as we get them. Keep in touch for the updates as soon as we get them.