A Car Accident

10 Things You Should Do Immediately After A Car Accident

Car accidents are one of the most unfortunate and unwanted things that can happen. According to WHO, every year, around 1.35 million people die in road accidents and crashes, and 20 to 30 million people face injuries and disabilities.

Despite having adequate laws and traffic rules, uncertainties can still occur. Road accidents can be traumatizing, but there are certain things you must do right after a crash for your safety and well-being.

In this article, we are going to talk about the ten things that you should do after a car accident-

1. Get Out Of Your Car

Like we mentioned before, accidents can be traumatizing. But after an accident, if you have consciousness and feel like you can move, your first instinct should be to get out of the car immediately.

Sitting in a vulnerable situation in a crashed car could only lead to greater danger. However, you should not panic and jump out of the vehicle immediately. Gather your strength and slowly get out of it.

2.Find A Safe Place to Get Help

Cars have combustible components in them like gasoline, fuel, and engine. A severe crash can cause the vehicle to explode. It is imperative to walk away from the vehicle and be out of a certain radius to avoid the effects of a blast. Be sure to move away from traffic as well.

Once you have safely moved away, ask for help from surrounding people. If there was someone else with you in the car, get others to help you get them out of it, and take them to a safer distance.

Those who came to help could take you to the hospital if necessary. To get out of the initial trauma of the accident, try to talk with them. That will help you recover from the instant shock.

In the case of car crashes, it is crucial to have contact with lawyers. Professional ones like a San Antonio car accident lawyer can help take care of the stress of dealing with your insurance companies.

get out of the car immediately

3. Check For Injuries

After walking a safe distance from the crash, sit down and check for injuries. Check for signs of blood and try to walk and see if you feel any pain. You can consider yourself extremely lucky if you can walk away from car accidents without a scratch.

Your initial adrenaline rush may not let you feel pain right away. Double-check just to be sure.

4.Take First Aid

If there are any signs of injuries, you must take first aid. If you cannot do it alone, find the spectators who can help you by giving primary first-aid treatment.

First aid could lessen the impact of damage done by the accidents. If you have any bruises or scars, be sure to disinfect that part as soon as possible properly.

5. Inform the Police

Call 911 immediately after you have checked for injuries. A citizen must inform the police about the accident, which helps keep the records and help the victims get proper compensation.

If there are no spectators close by, you have to rely on the police or ambulance.

6. Contact Relatives/Friends

After informing 911, you should tell your close ones. A family member or a friend is just the person you will need to get you through this incident.

You will also have to deal with the police and insurance company and having a reliable person with you can ease the process.

7. Find Out The Damages Of Your Car

You must look for the damages to your car. If the accident was another driver’s fault, then evidence of the damaged parts will get you the proper compensation.

Take clear photos of the damaged car and the damage caused by the accident with your camera phone. Take videos of the scene, such as skid marks and road hazards.

Keep the evidence to yourself and show it to the police or insurance company when asked for it. You can also hire an accident replacement car for your daily needs until your own car is getting repaired.

8. Talk With The Witness & Stay In Touch

A witness can help you from the danger and help you by providing valuable information. Talk with the other parties involved in the accident.

Take their information like their name, contact number, driving license number, home address, etc.

Exchange information with them as well. If there are other parties involved in the crash, note down their information, and avoid conflict with them. That can only make matters worse.

Having a good idea about the average length and weight of the cars involved can also help.

9. Contact The Insurance Company

With the information on car damage and witness, you must contact the insurance company and let them know about the incident.

There will be an investigation about the accident from the insurance company as well. There can be a lot of different things that resulted in the accident.

Lack of car maintenance can also be one of the reasons. Your insurance company will take a closer look and provide you the details.

10. Cooperate With The Police

When the police arrive, you must give them the exact information about the accident because that is the best option to receive help. If you try to hide something, it will only cause difficulties on your part.

Also, you could lose the insurance money. After that, take a copy of your accident report from the police to document the insurance claim.

Final Thoughts

Accidents are a common occurrence, but the ones that go through them can get deeply impacted. It is essential to stay calm and composed in these situations and call for help immediately. If you follow all the things we mentioned here and hire a good lawyer, you will get your rightful compensation.