Bedroom Rugs

10 Ways to Spruce up Your Sleeping Area With Bedroom Rugs

Are you looking to add some flair to your bedroom without breaking the bank? One easy and effective way to do this is with rugs which you can purchase from

If you need help deciding what type of rug to choose, then look no further. Below, we give our must-know guide to choosing bedroom rugs.

  • Add Contrast With Bedroom Rugs

To get a really interesting look in your room, add some contrast between the rug and the rest of the decor. This can be done in a number of ways, including colors, patterns, and shapes.

If your room has lots of busy patterns, use a plain rug to add blocks of space. In contrast, if you have a room that uses plain, flat colors, a busy pattern can add interest. If your room is flat and lacking texture, then pick a busy, rough pile to add some depth.

  • Select the Right Size

When selecting a rug, making sure you get the right size is extremely important. Too small, and the rug can become inconsequential. Too large, and it can shadow the whole room and create undesirable edges.

In general, a bedroom rug should be large enough to cover the space under your bed and any bedside tables next to it. Alternatively, it should be half the size of your bed, and lay on the midfloor, stretching out across the end of the stead.

If you can not get rugs that are large enough to do this, then consider long rugs that sit at the side. The rug placement should be so that they lay under your bedside cabinets vertically, so your feet are cozy and warm when you slip out of the sheets.

  • Add a Rug Pad

Rug pads seem like a very practical option, as they are primarily designed to stop rugs from slipping. If you have a rug under your bed or other furniture, you may feel that you do not need one. However, rug pads have a number of other benefits.

Firstly, they can stop the rug from bunching up at the sides and edges. They also add an extra layer of cushioning to bulk out rugs, and also provide some added sound dampening. If you choose to have rugs at the side of your bed, you should definitely have a pad to stop slipping as you get up.

  • Try an Abstract Design on a Plain Room

If your room is quite plain and minimal, then try an abstract design on your rug. An abstract design does not have to be bold and brash. In fact, you can get many understated rugs with designs based on shapes and geometrics that look fantastic on a minimal background.

If the room is neutral tones, you may wish to use the opportunity to add some color. Go with primary colors in shapes instead of patterns, and lay lengthways facing the door to add depth. has a wide selection of rugs that can really enhance a plain, neutral room.

  • Dark, Light, Dark

Dark, heavy rugs have to be used in a very specific way. Get them wrong and it can feel like the walls are caving in, making the room look small and pokey. Get it right, and you can open the room up with clean lines.

A dark rug will look great on light flooring. This will be accentuated if the walls are dark in color and the fittings are light. Monochrome black and white in this way can give a really retro look, that is cool despite an absence of tone.

  • Luxury on Leather

A thick, leather bedstead and headboard is a large statement. It combines a timely fabric with classic yet contemporary styling. So just how do you find a rug to complement it?

When using leather, always go for a classic look. Persian patterns and oriental chic can work extremely well, particularly if a few flecks of color are in the design that matches your leather.

  • Grey on Grey

Grey rugs work brilliantly on grey colored flooring. If you have grey tiles, hardwood or carpet, step up the darkness a little and go for a deeper tone. Slate shades on lighter greys look great.

  • Use Runners in Small Rooms

If you have a small bedroom, a rug can often overshadow it. If you have great wood flooring, you also want to show it off and not have it covered. A runner solves the problem by adding color and warmth, without stealing the limelight.

Run it horizontally along the bottom of the stead. Pick one that has some patterns and color, and contrast it against a plain duvet or pillowcase set.

  • Draw the Eyes With Zebra Print

Any animal print is a huge statement, so you have to be confident that it will work. Zebra print has the edge, as you can use it to draw the eyes along the pattern and make a room look longer. This effect is not always inherent in other prints such as cow and leopard.

  • Ocean Views

Any room with a view of the ocean or a water source should always try to mirror this in a rug. Match the colors, and aim for loose, watery patterns. Watercolor designs can also channel this look through the theme of a room.

Shop Around

Once you have an idea of the type of bedroom rugs that you would like to buy, then be sure to shop around. Different stores will be able to provide a host of different materials, patterns, and textiles. You are sure to find one you adore that will enhance your space immeasurably.

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