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5 FAQs that new users have before trying a smart mirror for the first time

As a result of the spike in at-home work and play lifestyles, technology has been busy creating products to make spending extra time at home more convenient and enjoyable.

You may have heard about a mysterious display that provides information and dream LED-based lighting. Until now, descriptions like this only provoked images of crystal balls and other devices with magical powers.

Now there really is an invention out there just like that!

Thanks to smart technology, a seemingly impossible creation, the smart mirror, is readily available.

If you’re curious about a smart mirror and are thinking about trying one out for yourself, here are 5 FAQs to address your curiosity.

1. What Is A Smart Mirror?

Smart mirrors are displays that provide information, color, and warmth, adjusting lights, and platforms for a variety of different features ranging from beauty to fitness applications.

Smart mirrors are three-part tools composed of a two-way mirror, a computer, and a display.

smart mirror

2. How Do They Work?

To function correctly, a smart mirror relies on light passing through its glass. The two-way mirror makes it possible for the display to be seen and interacted with.

In addition to the features already mentioned, some smart mirrors can play music and offer real-time information via a wireless network or Bluetooth connection.

An internal computer powers the digital display resting behind the glass. The display is either a tablet or a monitor screen.

3. Are Smart Mirrors Expensive?

Given that these mirrors have computers woven into their design, smart mirrors are expensive.

Depending on the smart mirror you purchase, however, prices may vary. Expect to pay anywhere between $120-$1500 for different mirrors.

4. Do Smart Mirrors Have Special Features?

Some smart mirrors come with voice command capabilities powered by systems like Google’s Home Assistant.

You can customize your smart mirror to include daily reminders, alarms, weather forecasts, etc., and you can also sync it to the other smart devices you own.

5. How Can You Personalize Your Smart Mirror?

Independent companies and individuals have already created tons of different modules that can be incorporated into your smart mirror.

You simply choose what you want and add it to your mirror as you would any other software for your computer.

Depending on your model, there are hundreds of dashboard features and apps to choose from, so you’re free to make your smart mirror specific to what matters to you.

Keeping Your Smart Mirror Private

You can incorporate different privacy features into your smart mirror to maintain your privacy. Facial recognition and voice control are two common approaches to keep personal information secure on a smart mirror.

An additional tool that can assist with privacy concerns is motion sensing. Motion sensing can be implemented into your smart mirror as an additional way to monitor privacy.

Make Your Mirror Work For You

With so much flexibility, it is easy to see why smart mirrors are becoming so popular. Consider the above five FAQs as you consider purchasing a magic mirror of your own!