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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Shopify Ecommerce in UAE

Online shopping has become a leading trend, and it is reflected in the omnipresent stores that have already begun to convert traditional front stores into online shops. Switching to ecommerce has aided several businesses to transform their identity and enhance their ROI in addition to intensifying their brand value.

Since ecommerce is a dual-ended sword, it helps both retailers and consumers. However, an innovative trendy store always remains the top priority of customers while purchasing over the internet. Ecommerce business owners need to grasp this fact and entice customers within seconds just by the first glance of their store’s customer.

To build a successful and fabulous online store, you necessitate the best ecommerce platform that presents a variety of features to develop, shape, and manage online stores. In our opinion, Shopify is the best fit for all ecommerce business ideas in UAE

Shopify is one of the best and dominant platforms when it comes to developing and accessing ecommerce business in UAE. Shopify claims it does all the essential tasks for you, and you only have to add up the profits.

This ecommerce platform has a lot to offer its clients, but you need to consider some crucial factors before investing in a plan. This ensures your online business access at 100% from the beginning.

Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting Shopify Ecommerce:

Selecting Shopify Ecommerce

Payment and Pricing:

Before selecting the Shopify ecommerce platform, you need to consider the price. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, you need the exact amount you have to pay.

Just like other ecommerce platforms, Shopify also has a monthly fee. Depending on the services and tools, the costs may change. You should also look for processing fees that will be connected with this ecommerce platform along with pricing. Don’t compromise the things you will require for a lower rate.

You should also consider that Shopify provides multiple payment methods. Many customers now use different payment methods, and therefore your ecommerce website must have various payment modes.

The payment integrations have been simplified by Shopify and can be easily linked with your ecommerce store. However, if you still face certain troubles, there is a list some best ways to resolve payment issues in your Shopify UAE store to assist you and resolve the payment problems.


Another critical factor you need to keep in mind when selecting Shopify UAE is its plugins and integrations. This platform provides a plethora of tools to access your business. The requirements of your business will be a crucial consideration when choosing the plugins that suit your business.

When choosing Shopify, look for what tools have to use or already use for your online store. Let’s look at some of the most prominent types of plugins you should consider:

  • Email marketing tools to allow you to stay in touch with your potential customers.
  • This ecommerce platform helps compensate your customers for buying products.
  • Accounting plugins to assist with taxes, profits, revenues, and sales.
  • Apps to allow you easy shipping your products.

Mobile Friendliness and Scalability:

There is no need to tell that more than 55% of searches happen on mobile devices? A couple of times, those searches carry on to purchase from smartphones or tablets. This means it is a must to choose a mobile-friendly platform. Apart from the aspect of mobile responsiveness in design, you also need to ensure that your site adheres to the web accessibility guidelines & standards. This is for making your UAE Shopify store or eCommerce platform easily accessible to users who are physically challenged or visually impaired. In this context, an expert like “Accessibility Spark” can be of great help in making your website fully compliant to ADA & WCAG guidelines.

Thus, before opting for Shopify for your next ecommerce website, you must check that the platform is mobile-friendly or not. With a friendly platform, you can allow potential customers to effortlessly and quickly access your online store and buy products from their mobile devices.

Scalability: Every Owner hopes their business will reach the next level in the future, but no one knows to what level. Nevertheless, it is crucial to check that your platform will scale or not together with your business.

Definitely, you don’t need to spend money on storage and features that you will not use. You should determine that Shopify can scale to your business’s size and not demand additional money for doing so.

Pro Tip: Considering these five factors, you can easily find out Shopify is the right platform or not for your online store. However, we also recommended you consult with best Shopify development companies in UAE to know more about the platform.

Customer Service: 

Customer service plays a vital role in any business. Traditional businesses rely on an offline store to have more control and knowledge of how the business runs smoothly.

However, Ecommerce is entirely different from that; often, the control of server downtimes and software outages are not in our hands. A bad moment is that when your servers will crash at a critical moment. This can impact both your brand image and revenue.

Having someone to help you at any time is a huge factor when you are choosing Shopify UAE. Answering the questions- is the platform providing 24X7 customer service? How are you able to get the support? Support is provided in how many levels and what will the cost of each support? Consider these questions before picking the platform.

SEO and Security:

Any marketing strategy is incomplete without SEO. It helps to generate more traffic from top search engines like Google. But the key to great is not only relying on the actions you take but also on the framework of the ecommerce platform you use. Not every ecommerce platforms offer the same, so you should consider the factor when looking for Shopify ecommerce.

Traffic from SEO plays a vital role in increasing the visitors to your online store, so it is necessary to consider Shopify’s abilities.

After SEO, security is another factor to consider, as it is the primary concern among buyers. No one will like to provide their account and credit card information on a vague website. So, you need to follow a strict safety regulation. Most software offers tight security but checks that Shopify supports HTTPS/SSL for your online store visitors’ adequate security. You should also check out that Shopify provides SSL certificate and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance for you. Moreover, you can also consult with Shopify experts to know about the determining factors in detail.

Concluding Thoughts:

Setting up a new business is a tiring task, and so is converting the traditional storefront into an online store.  Both of these can be intimidating, especially with comprehensive prospects available for you to begin with.

Hence, selecting an ecommerce platform like Shopify becomes challenging for most business owners. Having said that, we understand that determining your store growth needs while adhering to the trends consistently poses a big challenge. Still, composing methods that mold and grow your business and still suffice all its needs is worthy.

Consider these five factors: pricing, integration, SEO, mobile-friendliness, and scalability, and choose a platform easy to begin with. Not to mention, the facts suggest that selecting a platform like Shopify presents to be a more straightforward process and can help you attain success.