5 Things to Know When You First Start Hunting

5 Things to Know When You First Start Hunting

You can’t just randomly go out one day and start hunting animals. There is a lot of homework to do, and doing so will make the hunting experience smooth. Let’s see five things you should know before your first hunt.


Your outfit is the most important part you need to be careful about when going for a hunt.


You cannot wear normal boots or shoes for a hunt. Buy good quality leather boots specifically made for hunting. Do practice walking in those leather boots? Buy them at least three weeks before you go hunting.

Wear the boots to different places and check their comfort level. A pair of shoes that hurt the feet are no less than a disaster that can destroy your hunting trip.


The clothing you select for your hunt day depends on the weather. Hunting requires crawling on the ground and the wet grass. Buying durable clothes that can withstand thorny bushes and wet grass is a sensible option.

You can add more clothes just in case the weather gets worse. Wear all the pairs of clothing before the hunt day; they must be comfortable. Because it is your first hunting experience, you can take a lot of clothes like a thermal, sweatshirt, a good pair of comfortable pants and a raincoat.

Selection of Colors

Make sure you go for dark colors. Go for brown, green, and other colors that can be a disguise for you. You don’t want to be spotted by an animal.

Practice Your Shots

You must know the gear you will use during the hunt.


Ask someone with experience to teach you how to use weapons. One wrong move can be deadly. Practice for at least three to four months before the actual hunt with professional equipment. After your training period, you can buy 5.56 for sale and you will be prepared for your hunting season.  You should be able to smoothly use a bow and arrow, guns, and other weapons.


After building a grip on the weapons, practice aiming. Increase the distance gradually and try to shoot the targets. This way, it will take a few tries to target the animal.

Distracting the Animals

You can distract animals by giving them food. Use a deer feeder so that deer can come. It will be so easy for you hit the target on the go when the deer is busy with the food.

A Hunting Guide

If you are the only one in your family or friends interested in hunting, you might need the guidance of a professional hunter.

Benefits of Going with a Professional Hunter

Hunting is not easy. You need someone with you, at least for a few days. You can’t risk going alone. From setting up your gear to observing various habits of animals, you have to manage all at the same time. It is no less than an art.

Your mentor will teach you how to aim and from what distance to make the shot. Hunting requires different weapons, and you should know the basics of all the weapons.

Don’t Be Stingy

It would help if you spent on good quality equipment.

A Good Pair of Binoculars

Invest in good quality binoculars. Binoculars will allow you to see the wildlife. You will be able to notice animal habits with good binoculars and will be able to plan the targets accordingly. Your binoculars should be able to work in harsh sunlight and after sunset. It’s a one-time investment for professional hunters.

Stay Calm

Take safety measures and be patient. Know that hunting is not unjustifiable.

Know That Hunting is a Game of Patience

You might have to wait hours at the same spot and find no suitable animal to kill. You might also get nothing for days despite doing everything the right way. Just be patient.

Keep Your Pace Moderate

It is extremely easy to start running after the animal, trying to hunt it. You will scare all the animals away. It would help if you keep your calm. Notice the moves of your mentor. Slowing down will make your first hunt successful.

Hunting Can Be Exhausting

Remember to bring yourself back in shape. If you are not physically fit, your hunt will fail, and you will become exhausted, finding the hunting experience a burden.


Be prepared to get tired physically and mentally. You might have to come up and down a hill several times, and you might have to pack and unpack supplies. However, following these tips will assist you in your first hunt and make it memorable.