Wearing Gold Jewelry

5 Tips for Wearing Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is often considered the epitome of elegance, wealth, and fashion. In certain cultures and subcultures, wearing gold jewelry is practically a statement.

However, wearing gold jewelry in day-to-day situations might be challenging, especially if you’re not someone who wears jewelry on a regular basis. But, gold jewelry can be a great addition to your outfit, if you plan things right. So for that reason, here are some useful tips for wearing gold jewelry and looking great while doing so. 

1. Don’t be afraid to make a statement 

For some, chunky, gold jewelry pieces such as rings and necklaces might be tacky, but in reality, it doesn’t have to be that way. If your goal is to make a fashion statement, then a larger piece of gold might go nicely with your outfit.

However, in order for that jewelry to shine, it’s important to choose a simpler, well-tailored and if possible, monochromatic outfit. For example, matching an all-black or all-white ensemble with a statement gold jewelry piece is a perfect outfit idea if you have a special event coming up.

2. Chains are a great idea 

Chunky golden chains used to be hot a few years ago, but even now, they’re popular. But you can take things a bit further, and opt for a choker-length chain or something thinner and sleeker. These types of jewelry go great with more formal outfits, as well as casual combinations. Therefore, if you have such a piece and if you wish to wear it, feel free to pair it with an elegant dress or with jeans and a tee, because both of them will look great. 

Chains are a great idea

3. Mixing metals is okay too 

Maybe you’ve been led to believe that mixing metals is the major fashion faux pas, but that’s definitely not true. Well, not anymore. Back in the day, mixing different types of metals were considered tacky, but if you have a fully-formed idea in your head, feel free to go with it.

Combining a pair of gold earrings with fabulous rose gold rings is a sure way to switch things up a bit. However, if you want to mix metals, you should aim for some cohesiveness as well. That way, you’ll still be able to look eclectic, but there will add a sense of structure that will hold everything together. 

4. Golden hoop earrings are always a good match 

If everything else fails, then golden hoop earrings will be there to save the day. These unique and so beloved pieces of jewelry work amazingly in different styles and outfit combos, which is why they’re so popular among so many different people. Also, if you prefer a minimalist style, then a pair of smaller golden hoops will be a perfect addition to your outfit since they are so adjustable and easy to style. 

5. Go for delicate necklaces 

Delicate necklaces are wonderful, especially when layered against a cozy sweater or an elegant button-up shirt. Plus, this style is so feminine and stylish that you can wear it anytime you like, including your workplace and similar work-related occasions.

Therefore, dainty chains are a perfect solution when you want to wear some jewelry, but you don’t want them to dominate your entire outfit. And if you want to express your individuality, you can always opt for a chain with a special pendant. 


Wearing gold jewelry is a nice addition to your outfit, mainly when you want to look elegant and classy. Still, make sure to keep things balanced, because too many jewelry pieces may lead to a chaotic and uneven look. Also, mixing different metals is fine, as long as you keep all the elements unified and cohesive.