9 Unconventional Solo Travel Tips For Guys

9 Unconventional Solo Travel Tips For Guys

“I don’t have a traveling companion to travel with” is the most common obstacle (and excuse!) for those who do not dare to discover new cities and countries alone. People are afraid to go somewhere because they are not sure that they will cope with possible difficulties. Traveling alone has long been a habit for many. Interestingly, more than 83% of single tourists are women and only about 37% are men.

However, contrary to popular opinion, men do not have any sort of secret copyright on security, and all of the emphasis on travel safety tips and safeguards is aimed primarily at women, and this gender bias is rarely discussed. It’s time to bring things back into balance with this post written specifically for guys who are doing solo travel.

Plan in advance

One of the top suggestions for solo travelers is to plan ahead of time. Find out all the info about visas and make a Fedex passport photo online. You wouldn’t need a proper schedule, but you really should think about where you’re going to stay for at least the first night. Make a reservation before you leave.

Take risks without being reckless

Would you like to rent a scooter in Thailand? No worries, they are fantastic. Simply put on a helmet. Are you interested in trail running in Bali? It is, indeed, a lot of fun. Would you like to take gritty street photographs in Medellin? Go ahead and try it, but let somebody else know where you’re going.

Men are usually known for doing crazy things and physically pushing themselves. However, there is a delicate balance between irresponsibility and conscious risk. Know your capabilities and don’t feel compelled to do anything. If you don’t want to stay in touch with the whole world, then at least tell your loved ones the control dates and times when you should show up. And leave your plan for the route to your family, so that if anything happens, you can be saved.

Try not to get into any fights

Fighting is rarely a great idea, no matter how many hours you have spent practicing martial arts. At its finest, you have claimed a dominant position over a minor issue. In the worst-case scenario, you are dead.

Guys will attempt to start fights over the most insignificant of issues. Perhaps you stared at their sister for a split second too long. Perhaps you said something to offend them or their beliefs. Perhaps you’re simply a tourist, and they wish to show off their “toughness” in front of their friends. Some people even begin fights out of boredom. If you suspect a fight is about to break out do not get involved. De-escalate the situation and go away. Run if necessary – you will live to fight one more day.

Choose the right place

The best cities and countries where guys can spend their holidays unforgettable.

  • Thailand

Thailand is a world-famous place of attraction for all free men. From year to year, they come here to sunbathe on the beautiful beaches, taste interesting Thai food and get to know local women better

  • Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America. At the same time, it is also probably the best place in the world for solo male recreation who want to have a good time. Brazil, like Thailand, is among the top three countries for vacations.

  • The Philippines

The Philippines is another famous Asian country on this list. It is often called the “paradise for single men”. There are a lot of affordable girls in this country, good nightlife in large cities, and low prices. And its beaches are recognized as one of the best in the world.

Maintain control over alcohol and partying

Remember that you will rest in complete comfort

Alcohol, drugs, or simply being tired can cause you to react to challenging circumstances with less restraint than usual. In a foreign country, getting into a fight, either through provocation or just being not in the right place and not at the right moment, may be a major issue. It is critical to have your wits about you to deal with a situation effectively.

Never discuss politics

This is certainly a common tip that is surely important to repeat. It is best to ignore “sensitive” discussion topics like religion and politics until somebody raises the issue. You simply have no idea who you’ll offend. Religion, for instance, is a crucial component of many people’s lives, and they will take offense if a foreign person dismisses it as insignificant. You are a guest, not a consultant.

Stay in hostels

If you are bored by yourself – meet others! Yes, it is really difficult to meet sociable people if you stay in hotels, but hostels have common areas, for example, the same kitchen where all lovers of socializing gather in the evening, as well as large rooms for 8-10 people, in which it is almost impossible not to meet someone. There you will surely find other solo travelers who want to meet someone. You will find someone to take a walk with the next day. Plus, overnight stays with hostels in shared rooms also allow you to save a lot on travel.

Take care of your documents

This advice will be appropriate for those who travel in a company, but still, for a lone tourist, the loss of documents in a foreign country will be a bigger problem. Therefore, make it a rule that the originals of the documents should be left in the room in the safe, and carry only copies with you. All the papers that are important to you, for the safety of which you are worried, can be scanned and thrown on a USB flash drive or saved in some cloud storage on your phone.

Remember that you will rest in complete comfort

Do not forget that on a solo trip everything depends only on you and your mood for a good rest. These couple of weeks you will do only what you want yourself – without adjusting to others. You don’t have to overcome yourself and go somewhere you don’t want to. At the moment of a change of mood or feeling unwell, you can safely change your plans and not feel remorse. You can discover previously unknown entertainment or find a new hobby – and give it as much time as it takes.

Perhaps on this journey, you will discover yourself from the other side – and you will want to go on the next trip also in proud solitude.