A Guide to Important Features of a Tomahawk Axe

A Guide to Important Features of a Tomahawk Axe

Are you looking for a sturdy, versatile, and general-purpose axe? The Tomahawk axe was initially a native to indigenous people of North America but gradually found its foothold globally. The axe is a must-have survival tool popular amongst campers and hunters. It is a reliable tool for versatile purposes, including cutting, clearing trails, building shelters, and self-defence.

What exactly is a Tomahawk Axe?

The axe is artistically crafted in steel and wood, and the bladed tool is attached to a heft or handles made majorly from wood. The Tomahawk Axe has undergone a series of transformations in terms of quality, designs, and material. It was popularly used for throwing competitions and was a universal companion.

It is different from a regular axe as the steelhead is thin and curved. It consists of a hole known as Tomahawk’s eye where the heft is inserted and gives a rounded appearance. The steelhead is inserted from the bottom of the handle and pushed upwards; hence, the heft becomes more expansive as it reaches the top part.

Essential Features of a Tomahawk Axe UK

Most companies that produce the Tomahawk Axe UK create customised designs according to suitability and purpose. Different styles are available, but some features are universal to all types of Tomahawk axes:

Design of the Axe Head

The tomahawk axe boasts a thin head design that offers multi-function. It has either of the three styles of head:

  • Single blade – The tomahawk axe consists of a single blade with a one-side edge and looks similar to a hatchet.
  • Double blade – The axe, which consists of a double blade, has sharp edges on both sides.
  • Single but spiked blade – This kind of tomahawk axe has a sharp blade on one side and a pointed top on another.

Cutting Edge and sharp blade

The narrow cutting edge along with circular cut-outs. The cutting edge of the axe helps in easy and convenient piercing without resistance. Each strike is impactful, and the sharp blades glide smoothly through any surface. The edge-on tomahawk axes are designed to be corrosion-free and resistant to impact.

The durability of the axe

The durability of the tomahawk axe depends on the material. Most heads are made from high-grade steel, and common steel grades include carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, and Damascus steel. The handmade Damascus axe with steelhead and burl wood handles is a durable choice. The handles made from hardwood or composite wood enhance their quality and make the axe robust.

Length of the Handle

The handle size varies depending on the axe, and most axe handles range from 14 to 21 inches in length. Longer handle axes are powerful survival tools for splitting wood, breaking locks, piercing through rough surfaces etc. It is a definite buy if you love camping and spend a lot of time in the wilderness.

Reason to Buy a Tomahawk Axe

A tomahawk axe is a multi-purpose tool used for easy cutting, clearing bushes, cutting ropes and food, and even doubling up as a hunting tool. It is compact and small in size but successfully performs heavy-duty tasks. Here are some reasons to invest in good quality, ergonomic designs, and sturdy tomahawk axe.

  • The axe is lightweight, robust, and known for its sturdy construction. The axe is a good investment as it is low-maintenance and easy to grip.
  • The axe is versatile and used for cutting, chopping, skinning, self-defence and performing numerous heavy-duty tasks.
  • The handle is ergonomically designed for a firmer grip and has anti-slip features.
  • The axe is affordable, low maintenance, and helps with various regular tasks.