LED panels in your office

Advantages of installing LED panels in your office

A panel light fixture is a small or large panel with a sleek profile and ultra-slim design, which is its most significant advantage. This product is considered the most innovative lighting technology to exist for this very reason.

The assembly of this fixture consists of plates that function both as housing and support.

The guide plate has LEDs arranged on its surface like most LED troffer fixtures; the light from LEDs is reflected out of the fixture through another plate, also called reflector plate.

The light from the fixture is directed outwards through the mechanism of total internal reflection. This is the second most significant advantage of LED panel light. It does not cast a direct bright light; the light emitted from the fixture is uniformly diffused and distributes all over the surface without causing eye strain or any other issue like flickering, annoying buzz, etc.

Benefits of installing LED panels in offices

Offices are more than just task-based environments. They are more or less a mirror of our goals and their impacts. When setting up or remodelling such spaces, the most significant factor is its lighting layout.

It should directly complement the decor and help set up its signature ambience. This is undoubtedly achievable and is a beneficial investment in the long run. LED panel lights are explicitly designed to cater to such environments.

Compatible with modular ceilings

Offices are mostly accustomed to modular ceilings grids where previously troffer light fixtures were the only right choice for general lighting. Panel Lights are very much the same thing but with better specifications. LED panels and LED troffer fixtures are quite similar in their application, but there’s a massive difference in their structure and functionality.

LED panel lights offer an exciting advantage of integrating into any environment due to their adaptive installation options.

Panel light can be recessed, surface mounted or suspended mounted. This is generous for both installation and running costs. Their compatibility determines other factors which make them a great choice of fixtures in offices.


A panel light fixture is available in various sizes that allow them to fit anywhere, in modular grid ceilings of offices with varying sizes or remodeled ceilings which allow them to  just suspend through ceilings the height of the fixture will affect its lighting ability.

The various sizes designed for office lighting are:

1 x 4, 1 x 2, 2 x 2, 2 x 4 panels. These panels are mostly linear led panels; there are other panel lights designs for different spaces, but it does not compromise function.

Energy efficiency

The most significant advantage that a panel light can offer to a corporation is its LED integration. LED panels are highly energy-efficient, and they consume all the energy in producing light compared to other fixtures with more heat than light.

This factor reduces electrical costs and helps save up energy at a high mark.


Panel lights are the smartest innovation, which benefits commercial setups mainly. Their integrative and compact design profile, lighting efficiency and the ability to function well in environments where all other lighting technologies have considerably proven inefficient give them the leverage of being the only choice.

Offices with any ceiling design can switch to led panels whenever feasible as they aren’t much hassle and have no specific requirements that might compromise or counteract the long run.

A cheaper option is shown in troffer fixtures, but  their design profile is the biggest issue for installation and maintenance as they are hard to transport and assemble for newer ceilings. At the same time, panels are lightweight, easy to make and install.