Best Places to Buy Diecast Models

Best Places to Buy Diecast Models!

Lamborghini, Mustang, or……, you can fill this space. Everyone knows you are passionate about cars. However, today you’ve got the opportunity to turn this love into a hobby. Do you want to know how?

Enter the world of diecast car models right here. Whether you love vintage pieces or prefer high-speed race models, manufacturers have made a car for every fan.

Plus, these miniatures are carefully designed, so all details remain the same. In short, they are the exact replicas of the original models.

Interested? Buckle up as this blog will take you on a roller coaster ride of the five most exciting facts about car models and four shops where you can buy your first or next diecast model.

5 Interesting Facts About Miniature Models You Should Know

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If you stayed, here’s a warm welcome, and let’s get started!

Matchbox Cars were a thing.

It must’ve sounded weird. Even so, no collector can forget about the iconic matchbox miniatures. Lesney Products introduced these in the 1950s and became an overnight sensation. What surprised buyers the most was pocket-sized packaging that resembled matchboxes and hence the name.

Their craze surpassed all records, making these tiny treasures a first-time love for many children and adults.

Most Vintage Models have a Miniature Version.

Who doesn’t remember James Bond’s legendary Aston Martin car? The movie was a hit, and so was the sleek design of this model.

It wasn’t just any car but an exclusive symbol of the past. You, too, can have one vintage model in your collection. Their finely detailed features will look brilliant no matter where you place them.

2011 & 2.4 Million Euros Worth of Story

Too many numbers. Yes, maths is not everyone’s favourite subject, but money is.

Did you know a diecast car model was sold for a whopping 2.4 Million Euros? Factcheck– it’s indeed true. In 2011, the 1:18 scale replica of the Bugatti Veyron became the most expensive miniature model to be sold at this jaw-dropping price.

This auction proved these tiny masterpieces are more than a hobby. In short, collectors can turn them into an investment value.

Remember ‘Speed of the Wind’?

No, it’s not a movie. This phrase belongs to the British race car driver George Eyston’s racing car, modelled into the famous 1:43 scale model.

The list of diecast models sold at staggering prices is long. Whether they’ve diamonds, gold, or have a history, hobbyists will find plenty of options. So, keep exploring.

Top 3 Online Model Shops in the UK

Now that your fascination with miniature engines is all fueled up let’s roll back to the question— ‘where to shop.’

It’s 2023, and you no longer need to step outside your comfort zone to buy the diecast models. However, a slight clicking, scrolling, and swiping would be appreciated.

Regarding the answer, here are expert-recommended top 4 online shops to buy your next or first car model.

Model Universe

Let’s talk about space. There are stars, moons, planets, and galaxies. But is there another universe? Ahm, you can leave the multiverse question to scientists.

However, if your goal is to find multiple galaxies of diecast car models, this is your go-to shop.

Model Universe has extensive scale models from different eras and manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for model cars, model aircraft, military models, diecast models, model kits, radio control vehicles… they have it all.

Their collection has something for everyone, from beginners to collectors. With fast, free, and worldwide delivery, excellent service, competitive prices and an extensive pre order range, Model Universe is a one-stop shop for hobbyists and collectors.

Diecast Legends

Founded by the advertiser Christopher Paul, who initially worked with a model car distributor named Amerang, the growth of Diecast Legends lies in the fondness for modelling.

What began with the name Grand Prix Legends is known today to be the most sought-after place for buying ‘to-be-released car models. In short, buyers at Diecast Legends (name adopted in 2001) have the freedom to choose varieties of already available and upcoming models.

Since the beginning, this company’s focus has been solely on customer service, which is why they send monthly catalogues to their regular customers. You can be a part of this too. You only need to select the model you want to add to your collection. It can be an F1 car, Aston Martin, motorbikes, or even motorsport model helmets.

If you’re ordering from the UK, Diecast Legends will pack your orders on the same day efficiently so you get the orders safely and timely delivered to your home without any scratch.

Diecast Model Centre

Do you want to explore? This shop has hundreds of models from manufacturers you may or may have yet to hear of. Their collection is worth your time, including diecast model cars, motorcycles, and emergency and commercial vehicles from popular brands like Bburago, Motormax, Spark, etc.

Known for their fast delivery, you can rely on customer service for any queries, questions, or complaints. Their team will ensure you have the best shopping experience on their website.

Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to buy any Diecast models, as they offer great prices and discounts on their website.

Car Model Store

Car Model Store is another diecast seller in the UK that should be on your list. Their vast collection of models spans different scales and types, catering to every hobbyist’s interest.

Take the case of Mario Kart, for example. CMS has a replica to remind you of the good old childhood days. That’s not all. Buyers also have the option to purchase gifts in the form of keyrings, greeting cards, kits, and posters.

Whenever you visit their website, be sure to explore their sale section. You’ll not be disappointed.

Finally– Your Diecast Collection is only a few clicks away!

That’s a wrap for this blog, not your hobby. If you want answers to your what, why, & how questions, visit Model Universe’s blog section. There’s plenty of news and empty room to fuel your mind with instant inspirational model-building ideas. We know diecast car models are more than a childhood toy crush for you, so get a nice piece from the above-mentioned online model shops.

Maybe the next masterpiece will amaze even you. Happy shopping!