Calgary Home Price Analysis In 2023

Calgary Home Price Analysis In 2023

Calgary is now becoming one of the sort-after cities for new homeowners seeking pre construction homes Calgary. The city is conducive for all sorts of new homeowners, including; First new homes, students, retired persons looking for retirement homes, young professionals and those with families. The real estate sector is one of the booming sectors, all thanks to the ever-increasing population. The city serves as a major hub regarding core services and job opportunities.

Since 2016, the prices of pre construction homes in Calgary annually have been steadily on the rise, with 2022 reaching a peak. That includes all sorts of pre construction homes such as; Condos, townhouses, semis, singles and detached homes. The high prices of pre construction homes in Calgary have been rising over a long period, particularly since 2016 and recorded the highest prices in 2020. New home buyers have been relentlessly purchasing their dream houses due to the high prices, while others went in head first.

But before we understand whether the prices will drop or still rise in 2023, we have to learn the main reasons for the high prices. These factors have contributed greatly to the rising prices of units, particularly Calgary pre-construction homes.

Reasons for the increase in pre constriction homes prices in Calgary

Calgary is one of the coolest and chilliest places you can move in and enjoy life to the fullest. The city is accommodating and has plenty of resources and opportunities. However, for the last five years, the prices of pre construction homes have been on the rise. But why?

Increased inflation rates

Inflation is one of the notorious reasons for the hardship being faced all over the globe. Here in Canada for instance, the inflation rate hit 8.3% marking that as the highest ever so far. Inflation affects the prices of commodities, whereby prices go up. The price of basic commodities has shot up, with commodities such as sand, ballast, timber, roofs, bricks, cement and so on recording high prices than before.

The inflation rates have dropped significantly to about 5.3%, nearing the end of 2022. That has eased things up a bit though prices of building commodities remain on the rise. As we proceed into 2023, there is still a prediction confirming that inflation’s impacts will still process. Therefore, new construction home buyers are advised to brace for more impacts since the prices will remain high.

Pro covid 19 effects

After the 2020 event where a global pandemic struck the entire world numb, there is still not much healing or improvement. The effects of the pandemic were so severe that most core sectors globally were paralyzed for a while. Pre construction in Calgary was also affected; there were fewer units at the time. Among the reasons for that was the shortage of basic construction materials since the supply chain was affected. In addition, there was reduced labour and less skilled professionals since some passed on.

High mortgage rates

Most new homeowners especially pre construction homes, always use a broker to get borrowing that facilitates purchasing the units. The borrowing comes from a mortgage loan borrowed from a financial provider and paid over a given period. Sadly, most new home seekers are keeping off lenders’ high-interest loans.

Mortgage lends have significantly raised the interest loans and introduced a test to determine a borrower’s limit and ability to pay back. That has led to a drop in the number of new home buyers due to the high-interest rates and the tough tests put in place.

Will the prices change in 2023?

Well, this is one question those looking to purchase new construction condos in Calgary are grappling with. Sadly, the prices of pre construction homes are foreseen even to rise higher come 2023. Currently, the entire nation is still facing the sharp claws of inflation. Therefore, new homeowners need to remember that the labour shortage will still proceed in the coming years and the shortage of labour and raw construction materials.

This is the perfect time to secure yourself a Calgary pre construction condo or any other unit of choice. The future is unpredictable because things could reverse back to normalcy or take a sharper twist. Therefore, as an individual looking to invest in a pre construction home in Calgary, this is the perfect time to take action.


Calgary has become a top destination for fellas looking for a new place with pre construction homes. The city is home to many people and a perfect place to call home if you are looking for one. Diversity in ethnicity and plenty of resources and opportunities make the city the most recommended when moving to a new place.

Unfortunately, securing a Calgary pre construction unit will be a run for your money. According to experts, the price of new construction homes, semi detached, condos and townhouses have escalated over the years, and 2023 is no exception. Moreover, those looking to purchase one are advised to do that now because the future is unpredictable. G1Homes is a perfect guide in helping you secure the best pre construction unit of your dream. Check out our website for more concerning pre construction homes.