Review 3 Review: A Coupon Website for Smart Shoppers

As a savvy shopper, I recently stumbled upon and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. This website is a coupon-focused platform that offers an array of discounts and promo codes for some of the most popular clothing brands and much other stuff.  The website first advertised sales on apparel and lifestyle products. To promote their deals, they collaborated with various small-to-medium-sized apparel businesses.

Their coupons helped the retailers increase sales, and after a few years, they started to collaborate with well-known companies like Kohl’s, Gap, and Zara. And ultimately, they would start offering discounts for Rihanna’s Fenty and Kim Kardashian’s Skim. now offers discounts on anything from online courses to airline tickets, expanding its offerings beyond clothing and fashion items.

I was able to easily find a coupon code for the items I wanted to purchase and was pleasantly surprised by the significant discount I received. The website’s user interface is user-friendly, and I was able to quickly find the coupon codes I was looking for. also offers a great selection of coupons. The site is updated frequently, so I always know I’m getting the latest deals and promotions. Review

How to use coupons on ClothingRIC

Using coupons is a simple and easy thing to do. You can use the deals on the site for a wide range of categories such as travel, lifestyle, sports and fitness, pet care, gifts, flower, and many more.

According to the website’s marketing manager, an average ClothingRIC user saves $7 per order. This does not include the free shipping and student discount the platforms provide to customers. Since the company’s inception, the website has helped hundreds of thousands of customers save millions of dollars on online shopping.

Here are the steps to use promo codes and coupons on the website.

  • Search for on your browser and visit their website.
  • Use the search bar to find the brand or store you want to purchase from. Once you have found the brand or store, look for any available coupon codes. You can do this by searching online for coupons.
  • Copy the coupon code and proceed to the brand you are willing to buy.
  • Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • You will usually see a field labeled “coupon code” or “promo code “on the checkout page.” Enter the coupon code you copied earlier into this field and apply it.
  • The discount associated with the coupon should now be applied to your order total.
  • Complete the checkout process by entering your shipping and payment information.

Some coupons may not require a code and can be applied directly from the ClothingRIC website. In this case, simply click on the coupon to apply it to your order.

As the website states, it doesn’t guarantee the 100% effectiveness of the coupons, so it’s always a good idea to double-check the terms and conditions before using them. Fortunately, I used ClothingRIC for discounts twice and it worked both times.

A few weeks back, I was looking to buy some new shoes and makeup items online and I wanted to save some money by using coupons. I started by searching for websites that offer the items I was interested in and looked for available coupons. First, I found a coupon code for 20% off my purchase on and added the shoes I wanted to buy to my cart and proceeded to checkout. On the checkout page, I entered the coupon code and the discount was applied to my order total. Review 2

Next, I was searching for another item. I saw that this website was also offering free shipping with a minimum purchase of $50. I added several makeup items to my cart and the total comes to $60. I then searched for a coupon code and found one for an additional 10% off my purchase. I entered the code at checkout and the discount was applied, bringing my total down to $54. Finally, I reviewed my order and saw that I’d successfully used the coupons to get 20% off my shoes, 10% off my makeup items, and free shipping on my entire order. I felt happy that I saved money and eagerly waited for my items to arrive. It’s estimated that 90% of consumers use coupons in one way or another, it’s extremely easy to guess why this mode of getting discount is so popular. Free Shipping

It is my experience that free shipping is one of the best offers or services any website can provide to its consumers.  Most customers cancel their orders because of high shipping costs, but free shipping makes it easier and more affordable to purchase goods online. Overall, free shipping is a valuable tool that businesses can use to increase sales, build customer loyalty, and improve the customer experience. You can also jump to this offer by simply typing free shipping in your Google search engine.

Blog Section

ClothingRIC is a website that provides information and resources related to clothing, fashion, shopping, and many more. The website’s blog section is a great resource for consumers as it provides updates on current shopping trends, offers tips and advice on saving money while shopping, and provides information on new and innovative products in the market.

Student Discounts

In addition, ClothingRIC also offers student discounts to help students save money on their purchases as they have a limited budget. This is a great way for students to stay up-to-date on fashion trends without breaking the bank. The website also offers a wide range of coupons for different tastes and styles, making it a one-stop shop for all your campus needs. Overall, ClothingRIC is an informative and user-friendly website that provides valuable resources and information to help consumers make informed decisions about their desired purchases.

Recommendation for the Website

In my opinion, some improvements can be made to the website to make it better.

  • Add coupons for more stores: The website can expand your reach by partnering with more stores and offering coupons for a wider range of products and services.
  • Develop a mobile app: A mobile app can make it easier for users to access your coupons and take advantage of discounts while on the go.
  • Implement a rewards program: ClothingRIC can incentivize users to use your website more often by implementing a rewards program that offers discounts and other benefits for frequent users.
  • Feedback: The platform should encourage user feedback through surveys, comments, or contact forms. This feedback can be used to make continuous improvements to the website.


Even though there’s a lot of room for improvement, I would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable source of coupons and discounts. It is the perfect resource for smart shoppers who want to save money on everything from clothing and accessories to books and online courses. Whether you’re a frequent online buyer or someone that occasionally orders things from the web, can help you save some valuable money.