is fanmio legit

Fanmio: Reliable or Deceptive

Have you felt the rush, the undying desire to meet your idol? Have you ever come across a website that claims to give you one chance to meet your favorite celebrity? Did you notice that they have asked you to pay some money to try your luck in meeting your dream celebrity! If you haven’t come across it already, you need to read this post first.

In this blog, we will discuss a website that claims the same, a chance to meet your favorite celebrity who got their fame through popular Hollywood movies or through renowned series from The United States. The website we are talking about is All the criteria and information to meet your favorite people are there on the website itself. But, before you book your package, give this blog a read. The blog consists of all the collected reviews from various sources and all the answers to your question before you put your money in.

What do we know about Fanmio as a website?

Fanmio, a Delaware corporation, is an online platform that gives you a chance to connect with famous celebrities on an online personal video calling experience. This website provides important information and updates on available celebrities that you can meet. You get to experience VIP online experiences, the newest premier, Live world-class events. One has to pay some dedicated charges to have an online meeting with your favorite celebrity. But, how genuine is the claim? We have done the research for you and gone through several reviews to give you the best conclusion.

You might stumble across a feature named Sweepstakes while signing up for their newsletter or while creating a Fanmio account. The feature named Sweepstakes is a Video meet and greet giveaway. One does not have to pay any fees or purchase anything to enter or win Sweepstakes. This feature is only available for U.S residents, and you have to be physically available In The United States at the time of creating an account. You have to be 18 years old or more to participate. The Sweepstakes is sponsored by Fanmio Inc., located at 20803 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 405, Aventura, FL 33180. All the official Rules are available on the Fanmio site for all the interested participants.

Featured Events and Limited time events available on Fanmio

The first featured live exclusive premiere which will pop up on your window when you browse Fanmio on today’s date is the Slap Fighting Championship. Fanmio is offering a free Live PPV for the Slap Fighting Championship which is scheduled for the 5th of March at 2 PM/ ET or 11 AM/ PT. Six different intense matches will be presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul. Fanmio is the platform where you can find this championship.

The other featured events available exclusively on Fanmio page are Arnold Sports, boxing match between Mayweather vs. Logan Paul, Tether. And, the Original films with exclusive content from your favorite celebrities on online events such as Ask Tim, A Day with Jack, The untold stories of John Cleese, and many. The events get updated on a regular interval and new featured events get highlighted on the website page.

Fanmio’s mission is to always give fans access to entertainment one can only dream about through world-class events and films, compelling celebrity experiences, and bringing the best entertainment to the world. To meet your favorite celebrity you have to pay certain charges, Fanmio has different packages for this starting from $29.99 and ranging till 179.99 and more. The different rate packages known as Bronze, Silver, And Gold packages offer multiple Celebrity related items from T-shirts to Autographs along with the chance to meet your celebrity.

Everything you need to know about the Packages

As we know the packages seem to be in a pricier range, so before you invest your hard-earned money let’s find out everything about these packages.

  • For Live-exclusive events, there’s a Special exhibition PPV.
  • The current Slap Fighting Championship PPV General Tickets are free of cost. And 5 lucky winners will get signed items by Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Logan Paul.

To get your chance to meet your favorite celebrity Fanmio has 3 packages.

  • The bronze package will cost you $29.99 and this includes an exclusive T-shirt and only 5 out of many randomly selected get the chance to have a personal meet and greet over Video with your celebrity.
  • The Silver package which charges you $99.99 gives you a guaranteed online 1 on 1 personal experience with your favorite celebrity along with HD video recording in a branded digital frame and a digital download of the art print.
  • The Gold package usually costs $179.99 or more and gives you an online 1 on 1 meet and greet experience, HD video recording, Autographed photo of the celebrity, Exclusive T-shirt, and a digital download of the art print.

Fanmio Reviews

The charges of this site though claiming to be worthy by the website are a lot. The opportunity Fanmio is providing to the world’s fans is a premium and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But we have come across a lot of negative reviews about this site on different social media platforms by unsatisfied customers. The negative reviews are all over Instagram, Facebook, and even on Twitter and it ranges over 80% of the people who have opted for their services and paid a lot of money getting absolutely nothing in return. These unsatisfied customers are claiming Fanmio nothing more than a scam.

But through our research, we also found some positive feedback. The Charges Fanmio is taking are hard to ignore and make it seem a genuine website, which is on the market from 2017 onwards. Fanmio also has a huge popularity base on Instagram and other social media pages.


After going through so many reviews we will suggest the interested purchasers go through the customer review section first and then put their money in.