Whole House Color Scheme with Area Rugs

Creating the Whole House Color Scheme with Area Rugs

It is a never-ending task to choose colors for the interior of your home. Of course, you can always hire an interior designer, but even then, it’s easy to get lost in the numerous options. There are many ideas to create a color scheme that will work well and be affordable for those with limited funds or time on their hands. Area rugs are one such way!

They are a great way to help create harmony in your home’s interior design. They can tie together the different colors and styles of furniture, such as modern minimalist pieces with traditional country-style furnishings. But how do you know which area rugs will go best with what type of furniture? Here we will show you practical ways to select and ziegler rugs for any room in your house!

For a Modern Touch

You can use a solid color rug for rooms with modern furniture such as minimalist pieces to create unity. This is because the area rug will be in equal proportion to all of your furniture and objects on display.

A simple geometric shape like circles or squares also works well for this type of room’s design. Chevron, zigzag, or other patterns are also popular options for this type of room. A modern interior is ideal for this type of rug because it will help pull all the different pieces together. Also, the contemporary style is sleek and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank!

Color Scheme with Area Rugs

For a Traditional Touch 

Traditional style homes with antique furniture may want to use two or more colors in their area rug, red and navy blue. The different shades complement each other well, which is why they are often used in traditional design. If you have traditional furniture such as antiques, you can use contrasting colors to bring out the best in your area rug design.

The most important aspect is that both colors should be on the same color palette: light and dark. Also, the traditional-style furniture should be the same color as one of the colors in your area rugs. These designs are bold and colorful, which is why they go well with bright colors.

For a Contemporary Touch 

Contemporary style homes often use one color, generalized with an area rug in that same hue. It’s essential to have lots of variety and unity in interior design for contemporary houses as well. It is about creating the color scheme of your home by strategically choosing a rug and surrounding shades.

If you want to make some contrast, introduce an accent color from one of the rugs that are not in your overall house palette but still coordinates with it. This will also tie everything together and make for a cohesive design throughout the room. When using these two styles, think about what mood or atmosphere you are trying to create. One way is by using a texture or pattern from the rug as an accent in another room of your home, like on pillows, for example.

For Retro Style

Retro interior design trend is going back to the basics. What was old is new again, and what was popular in the past may be coming into style today. The ’70s are especially making their comeback, with shag-rug techniques and wood paneling seeing a resurgence in consumerism as well as on TV shows like “The Brady Bunch.”

If the interior of your home is retro, consider a rug with intricate patterns or color blocks. The retro decor is usually vibrant, and the rug should be too. It also should be the focal point in a space and make people stop to take notice.

For Rustic Style

Try natural fiber or Pakistani rugs with earthy colors like tan, browns, or greens if you have a rustic home. These textiles are durable and evoke an organic feeling in your space.

For this vibe, nothing else in the room must be too ornate or intricate. If your style is more contemporary or country-inspired, you can try a rug with an abstract pattern that doesn’t distract from the home’s clean lines of furniture and art pieces. Choose something neutral like grays or tans but also think about adding pops of color to pull it all together.

For Eclectic Style

If your style is eclectic, a large-patterned rug might bring the room together and create an ambiance of warmth and comfort without being too heavy. The electric homes are a kind of decor that is perfect for a rug with colors and patterns.

If you want to have some fun with your decor, try adding one of these rugs into the mix and watch it work its magic on any room in your home. The electric set of eclectic homes is perfect for a rug that has an eye-catching pattern. If you want to have some fun with your decor, try adding one of these rugs into the mix and watch it work its magic on any room in your home.

For Minimalist Style 

A minimalistic space works well with a rug in an accent color. Dark gray, for example, is one of the most popular colors to use as an accent and would work well with this style. It is an interior with fewer colors and simplifies the shapes. A minimal style home is filled with sleek furniture and a lot of white.

The decor accessories are also very few, and most of them are white. It is a style that doesn’t need an area rug because it has fewer colors, but you can still add one to make the home feel more welcoming or warm and cozy during wintertime. A small rug in black would also be an excellent addition to this type of house decorating idea.

Moreover, light gray is a color that has been used as an accent in some of the most popular styles. This one would work well with this style because it doesn’t have any solid colors and uses white more than other colors, making for a visually calming space. It also uses silver accents to add depth and texture to the room.

For Scandinavian Style 

For a cozy and warm home, this Scandinavian style is the perfect one. The muted colors are very inviting, and you can still find a way to use different patterns on some of your rugs (think animals or geometric shapes). You can also go with a more modern touch, like gray, for example. It would be best to keep it in small doses so as not to overwhelm the eye.

Summing Up

Now, you may be wondering: What about a rug with colors? While this is not popular for people looking for subtlety and simplicity in their home’s design, it can create powerful color combinations. You should use one accent color that will act as an anchor so the other colors can come to life without being too overwhelming.

A good rule of thumb is to use three colors or less. If wool rugs are what you need to match your house’s color theme, RugKnots should be your first option. If you have a question about creating a cohesive color scheme in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts. We love to help our valued customers!