DOT Motorcycle Helmet Standards

DOT Motorcycle Helmet Standards

Shopping for men’s motorcycle helmets is much easier if you understand the different standards manufacturers use to rate products. If you want to find a quality motorcycle helmet that will offer protection in a collision, it’s essential to do your research and learn about the standards.

The Department of Transportation has a set of stringent requirements developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for motorcycle helmet certification. If you want to have highest safety when riding a motorcycle, you should not compromise with the quality of your motorcycle helmet.

There are so many variants of motorcycle helmets available in the market and you should never choose low quality helmets.  Here are details about the DOT motorcycle helmet standards.

Where To Find the Safest Helmets

Before you begin looking for motorcycle helmets for sale, you have to understand how to determine if a helmet is DOT certified. DOT certified helmets are tested by manufacturers with the government’s published standards and then given a DOT sticker on the back of the product. If your helmet has a DOT sticker that means it meets the minimum DOT requirements for crash testing and safety. Whatever helmet you choose you should know how safe your helmet is.

Where To Find the Safest Helmets

Most motorcycle supply stores offer a large selection of DOT certified helmets. If you want to increase your chances of staying safe while riding your motorcycle, it’s important to choose a helmet that meets these requirements as a minimum. Head protection is a must before getting on a motorcycle and taking it for a trip. Without the proper protection, it’s more likely to get seriously injured or killed during a collision.

Besides choosing a helmet that is DOT certified, it’s also recommended to select helmets that offer full face protection. There are so many low quality helmets that do not offer complete face protection. High quality DOT certified helmets that provide more coverage are generally considered safer than other styles. Additionally, composite fiberglass helmets are more likely to provide better head protection during an impact like a crash.

Just do not put too much emphasis on the style of the helmet because at the end of the day it might not save you from fatal injuries from an accident. You can give importance to the comfort of wearing a helmet. So many DOT certified helmets are lightweight and highly comfortable to wear and you can choose from those. You may have to invest some extra money for the safest helmet available in the market. But at the end of the day you will be the beneficiary of your investment.

The Importance of Checking Your Helmet’s Rating

Once you narrow your choices down for which style of motorcycle helmet you want, it’s vital to evaluate each product’s rating and specifications before making your final purchase. Do some research about helmet safety ratings 101 to get more information about the things you should be focusing on when assessing each product. Additionally, it’s important to understand exactly what the DOT standards measure. 

In order to be DOT certified, a helmet must have demonstrated durability in a variety of impact tests. The tests include a crash simulation, foreign object strike and a crush test. Helmet designs that pass the tests are then certified with the DOT sticker. If a manufacturer puts a fake DOT sticker onto their product, they risk being penalized with heavy fines and sanctions.

The DOT certification sticker isn’t the only indicator of quality and safety for a helmet. The product’s material and construction should be sturdy and substantial. When shopping for helmets, it’s also necessary to choose one that fits your head properly. A motorcycle helmet should be snug but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. A helmet that doesn’t fit right is never going to be safe enough to protect you in a motorcycle crash. 

The freedom and enjoyment of riding a motorcycle on a beautiful, clear day won’t be impacted if you plan for safety above all else. Equip your ride with a safe, DOT certified motorcycle helmet that will give you and your family members peace of mind during your motorcycle adventures. Never invest in a low quality non-certified helmet.