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E-bike Test: E-bikes Under the Microscope

Electric bicycles are a fun transit option preferred for a variety of reasons. The build and design of electric bikes make them more attractive than traditional bicycles. When you consider the inclusion of a battery and electric motor to boost your pedaling, the better option for commuting and exercising becomes obvious. The right e-bike has to be chosen to enjoy these and more.

Choosing the right e-bike entails finding the one that suits your riding requirements best. For example, if you need one mostly for getting to and from work, you should consider a commuter e-bike. To this end, we provide e-bike test rides, where you can experience your preferred e-bike qualities before purchase. This article explores some of the core points of inspection when testing an e-bike.

What you should Pay Attention to when Buying an E-bike

When buying an e-bike, knowing what to watch out for is crucial. If you know what you really need to be looking at, you can build a solid idea of what you want from using an e-bike. Some of the things to observe include the following:

Battery Range

The battery range can be defined as the total distance you can cover on a single complete charge of an e-bike battery. This, of course, varies with the e-bike class and battery manufacturer. A class 1 e-bike has a lower battery range than a class 3, a preferred option for long-distance rides.

Battery manufacturers like Samsung and LG make some of the best lithium-ion batteries, which e-bikes mostly use. Check if the battery can be removed easily. A detachable battery is usually better for security since you can remove it after parking to carry it with you.

Payload Capacity

The payload capacity of an e-bike is the total weight the frame is built to support. This usually varies with the type of e-bike used. Electric cargo bikes provide a higher payload capacity than other e-bikes in the commuting space.

If you intend to commute with a lot of stuff, shop for groceries, move heavy equipment, or ride with your pets or other passengers, get an e-bike with a high payload capacity. You can find e-bikes with up to 350 lbs capacity and more. E-bikes of this type will also be useful for big people and heavy riders.


Electric bikes may be cheaper than cars, but they are not as inexpensive as you might think. You can get a good e-bike ranging from around $1,000 to $2,000. The price of an e-bike hardly matters as much as the cost implication on your finances. The prices of high-quality e-bikes vary with the manufacturer, but some appear fairer than others. For perspective, you can compare the specs of different brands with their price tags.

Tips for Choosing Accessories for E-bikes

E-bikes Under the Microscope 2

To ensure you get the most out of the riding experience, there are many accessories you can consider to complement your e-bike. Some things to consider when choosing an e-bike accessory include the following:


When you are among other motorists, the only protection you have on a bike is your body. You must stay safe and secure when you are on your e-bike. Look for accessories to protect you from the prevailing weather elements of your area. You need the protection of a good helmet for your head against trauma from any accidents. A helmet is an every-ride companion, so ensure to get the best one for you.


When you are out on the road, other motorists need to be able to see you. It is not enough that you can see them and avoid them. They should be able to see and avoid you too. When shopping for accessories, look for ways to increase your visibility to other motorists.

The front and rear lights are your first line of visibility. These should be bright enough for others to see. You can get reflective tapes to decorate your e-bike with. This will reflect the light from oncoming vehicles back so that you remain obvious. Reflective jackets and bright clothing are also a good idea.


What you intend to use your e-bike for matters. When you are sure of security and visibility to other motorists, you should begin shopping for accessories to help you do more with your electric bike. You can add rear lights for better vision, front and rear racks for more storage, a trailer to move heavy equipment, and more.

KBO Test Ride

One of the problems of shopping for e-bikes online is that you may never get to perform test rides on e-bikes before purchasing them. To this end, KBO is running a test ride event where you can make an appointment for a free test ride at the test ride point closest to you.

Visit our site to book a test ride. On our site, you choose the test ride spot closest to your location. You can make a reservation via phone or email. After this, you come to the store and pick an e-bike to enjoy. It’s that easy! Customers who place an order through a trial will enjoy a $100 discount.

If you’re looking for more, you can become a test-ride officer and help others find their way.

Frequently Asked Questions about E-bikes

Can I burn calories riding an e-bike?

Yes, you can. It has been proven that e-bikes burn almost the same amount of calories as traditional bikes on single rides. E-bikes burn more calories in the long run, however.

Can I ride an e-bike without sweating?

Absolutely! To do this, you need to charge your e-bike battery. This will help you enjoy the breeze as you cruise through the streets using electric power.

How long does an e-bike battery last?

The duration of an e-bike battery depends on its capacity and range. A battery with a higher capacity will last longer and provide more range.

In Conclusion

There are many questions to be answered regarding purchasing an electric bike. This article explores the different things to watch out for when buying an e-bike, from battery range to payload capacity and price. Here, you discover the best e-bike for you is not necessarily the more expensive option, but the one that suits your specific riding requirements.

To ensure you make the right choice, book a test ride. This will help you have an idea of what you will experience when you begin using the e-bike. Remember to have fun!