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Everything you need to know about how to apply your skincare products

The options we have when it comes to skin care has grown exponentially in the last decade, and with the endless amount of option out there, it can not only be hard to know which products are best for your skin, but also what order to apply them in. Most people don’t realise that the order you apply your skin care in, holds the potential to make the products truly shine, or minimize the effect of it. And when we invest in great skin care, we would rather get the former than the latter.

So, what order is the correct order to apply your skincare to get the best results and why is it important? The reason why it’s so important to apply our skin care in the correct order, is that only very few ingredients can penetrate the skin and if you apply the products in a way that doesn’t support this, you won’t be able to benefit from all the beautiful ingredients in your products, because they are prevented from actually penetrating the skin.

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Face oils are not hydrating

One of the biggest misconceptions is that face oils are hydrating to the skin, when in reality they are not. They create a protective barrier on the skin, that helps keep moisture in, but they are not hydrating themselves. This means that if you for instance apply your face cream after applying an oil, your skin won’t benefit from the hydrating face cream, because the barrier the oil creates, keep the ingredients from penetrating the skin.

While if you apply the hydrating face cream first, your skin benefits from all its hydrating qualities and the hydration are then locked in by the oil, creating a protective barrier, while also keeping the hydration locked into your skin. This is one good example of how to potentially waste, or get the most from, your products. Speaking of hydration, read more about the benefits of drinking water everyday right here.

The correct order to apply skincare

For both your morning and night routine, you want to start by cleaning your face. Choose warm water and a cleanser that doesn’t contain soap and it the correct match for your skin type. To continue this, you want to follow this with a toner, then your serum, eye cream, spot treatment and finishing off with a face cream.  And last but not least, sunscreen. You should always apply SPF as the last step your morning skin care routine, regardless of what time of year it is. In this regard, a Morpheus8 face treatment can be another fruitful way to get that soft, supple, smooth and hydrated skin, when performed by a certified dermatologist, skin clinician or cosmetic surgeon that has years of experience in such procedures.

Sunscreen is one of the most powerful tools to make sure your skin stays healthy and looking young, and there is really no better investment than a good SPF. Even if it might feel counter intuitive to put on sunscreen in the winter, the UV rays will stiff affect you skin. Make sure to apply it after your hydrating face cream, to make sure the sunscreen is not blocking the hydrating properties in the face cream from penetrating the skin. In the evening, you substitute the sunscreen for an oil.