whale island tour out of Picton

Great reasons to embark on a whale island tour out of Picton, NZ

There are many ways to spend free time with relaxation and fun important. Many enjoy city breaks for a weekend, while for others it’s an adventure that captures the imagination to return energizsed ready for everyday life.

For those who love to be in touch with nature, there are also many different available options, but for anyone who gets the chance to visit the north shore of New Zealand’s South Island, then taking one of the available whale island tours is a must for many great reasons.

  • It is most certainly fun, as such a tour will create memories to last a lifetime with the opportunity to get as close as is permitted to the incredibly beautiful mammals in their natural habitat. Be blown away by the enormity of the whales on a small, guided group tour as the experts impart their vast knowledge.
  • As well as the whales, there is often the opportunity to spot dolphins, which are one of the sea’s most lovable creatures. As well as having a tremendous adventure, the tour also plays its part in assisting the environment, as any mammals that are spotted are reported to the Department of Conservation who can use the data in whale conservation. The first to spot a whale receives a free t-shirt, as a special reminder.
  • Quite simply, setting out from Picton provides the best location for whale spotting, as they moved north from Antarctica towards the Pacific Ocean during migration. History is covered too when learning about the former whale stations.
  • The cruise heads through the peaceful Queen Charlotte Sound on its 90-minute tour, to the historic Perano Whaling Station, offering the best chance of coming across the mammals. Everyone on board will be provided with a set of binoculars and Whale ID cards to help in their quest.
  • Slowly migrating Humpback Whales as well as an ever-increasing number of Baleen Whales can be spotted from the catamaran, while sights such as Mount Tapuaenuke, capped by snow provide incredible scenery to the trip.
  • It’s advised to take along warm clothes and flat shoes, while warm drinks and cookies are provided on the way back to see off any chill. The experts will make dreams come true on a guaranteed no sea sickness vessel.

A whale island tour is an incredible way to see creatures as never before while in the hands of a professional crew offering the best advice.